Our Favorite Doctor Who Places: A Countdown — #5

OK, you might have figured it out by now: We’re pretty excited for the new episode of Doctor Who— “The Bells of St. John”—which airs this Saturday, March 30. In anticipation, we’re counting down our 10 favorite places the Doctor’s ever visited.

Today, we present location #5. Did you miss #6 through #10? Check them out here and here. And be sure to check back all week for the rest of our list!

#5: Area 51

as seen in: Day of the Moon

Doctor Who, The Day of the Moon

Area 51 is an alien enthusiast’s paradise. It’s mysterious, in the middle of nowhere, and supposedly holds evidence about life on other planets. The Doctor HAD to come here eventually—we’re just surprised it took him this long to get there! What better location is there to interrogate the terrifying creepiness that is The Silence? We’d love to poke around Area 51 (we’d be very careful to stay on the lookout for runaway aliens, of course). Plus, we always have to giggle a little at the way Doctor Who represents Americans.

Where would you most like to travel with the Doctor? Let us know in the comments!

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