Final Round: Doctor Who Villain Showdown!

Doctor Who Villain Showdown: Final Round!We’ve reach the final round of the Doctor Who Villain Showdown! Do Weeping Angels haunt your nightmares, or is it The Silence that keeps you from sleeping?

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

The Silence vs Weeping Angels

The Silence vs. Weeping Angels

In one corner, we have The Silence: terrifying and well-dressed, but their forgettable-ness makes them a true villain. Turn around; are they there? Do you remember? WHO KNOWS?! The Silence for the win!

In the other corner, the Weeping Angels are there to make sure you don’t blink. Ever. In the time you spend considering The Silence, Weeping Angels have already sent you back in history. Forever. Weeping Angels don’t wait around.

So, which villain will it be? Will you remember long enough to vote for The Silence? Can you turn away long enough to vote Weeping Angels? You can vote in the final round until Friday, March 29 at 1:59 p.m. ET. We’ll announce the winner of our showdown on Friday, March 29, so be sure to come back to find out which  villain took all!

Curious which villains have already been defeated? Check out Round One and Round Two.

Can’t see the bracket? Click here.

19 thoughts on “Final Round: Doctor Who Villain Showdown!

  1. I vote Weeping Angels. The Silence are scary, but never had me curled up in my chair praying to God to be spared from such a horror. The Weeping Angels did.

  2. Plus, the way they made it, the weeping angels don’t move when WE’RE looking at them too, even when the characters aren’t looking at them, and then they only move when we can’t see them. IT’S TERRIFYING.

  3. My gut reaction was weeping angels. But they don’t actually kill you. They just send you back in time. Which, as long as you don’t go too far back, isn’t that bad. (Two words: Indoor Plumbing) The Silence on the other hand…

  4. Weeping Angels. I mean, sure, you can forget the Silence, but I tried to keep my eyes open and not blink. It’s hard.

  5. Weeping Angels for sure. Not only are they like, unbeatable, and you can just shoot down the Silence, but I like to stick with monsters that were with David Tennant because you know, ten is better than eleven. 😛

  6. Personally, my scariest Doctor Who “villain” isn’t necessarily a villain as much as an antagonist, but “Are you my mummy?”
    I can deal with aliens and new creatures, but alter a human and for some reason I’m terrified. I remember after watching that episode worrying in my bed at night and always wanting to stay by my mom so that way it could be reversed. I remember that one night it got so bad that she had to stay by my bed while I fell asleep.

    But, since that’s not an option I guess I’d have to say the Silence. Sure Weeping Angels look scarier, but if you think about what the consequences are of an encounter with the two, I’d much rather prefer going back in time.

    • I’m still voting Weeping Angels, but I did have to think about it. I would hate to be blasted in to little bits by Silence electricity stuff.

      Have we all forgotten what they did to Angel Bob in The Time of Angels…? That’s just a tad worse than being sent back in time.

      The Silence are awesome and pretty scary, but they were pretty much defeated by the end of Season 6. The Weeping Angels are still at large… *shudder*

    • That is my absolute favorite episode of Doctor Who. I think altered human beings are scarier because you can imagine it happening to you. We sympathize more when it’s a little kid just looking for his “mummy.”

  7. Ooh, these are both creepy.

    I vote….WEEPING ANGELS. Silence are SUPER scary, and yeah they kill you, but they don’t make me lay wide awake at night, holding my eyelids opening and wondering how close the nearest cemetery is.

  8. I chose weeping angels. No contest. I can’t sleep. MUST KEEP EYES OPEN. If you really forget the silence, then I would of forgotten because they show them in the episodes. But the weeping angels don’t move when your looking at the shows.

  9. Personally, I dont think the Weeping Angels are THAT scary. They don’t really kill you. All they can do is bring you to a different period of time

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