Our Favorite Doctor Who Places: A Countdown — #4

Guys! It’s Wednesday! That means we’re halfway through the week and thatmuchcloser to the new episode of Doctor Who— “The Bells of St. John”—which airs on Saturday, March 30. So let’s continue our countdown of the best places the Doctor has ever visited.

Today, we present location #4. Did you miss #5 through #10? Check them out here, here and here. And be sure to check back all week for the rest of our list!

#4: Satellite 5

as seen in: Bad Wolf

Bad Wolf, Doctor Who, Jack Harkness, Rose Tyler

At first, Satellite 5 starts out like your average Doctor Who spaceship. It’s giant, has never-before-seen technology, it’s mysteriously deserted, blah blah blah. But Satellite 5 turns out to be far from what you’d expect. It happens to be home to a bunch of completely horrifying reality TV shows, from a version of The Weakest Link that literally kills the losers to a spinoff of What Not to Wear that gives contestants insane plastic surgery. While we’d never want to watch these reality shows of death, much less compete on them, Satellite 5 still makes a killer episode setting.

Where would you most like to travel with the Doctor? Let us know in the comments!

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