Vampire Diaries Recap: American Gothic

Katherine’s back! Elijah’s back! Caroline is not Caroline! What is my heart to do?! I’ll just say it, after this episode I’m fully ready for the old Elena back. (What? What does she say?) New Elena was fun when she oh so mean, but not when she’s a killer. Let’s begin.

Vampire Diaries RecapWe start with Rebekah and Elena pulling up in a banging car (not Damon’s) into an allegedly small town. This town gets knocked a lot this episode, but it doesn’t really seem all that different from Mystic Falls. Elena’s tired of driving around (who else is surprised that they’re listening to top 40 hits and not like, just gabbing and stuff? Just kidding) and wants a snack. Rebekah’s over Elena, too. Elena walks over to a car to bite a girl who looks surprised but then says “Katherine, what are you doing?” WE HAVE AN EPISODE!!! I wrote in my notes.

Katherine’s compelled the whole town to only remember her when she’s talking to them. She also has a secret to protect, but the girl can’t remember what it is.

Rebekah and Elena go to the post office (Um, I legit just wrote ‘post station’ because I am not an adult human being) to see if they can get any leads on Katherine. A very nice man asks Elena about her hair (WE GET IT!!!) and wonders how she could have cut it in the two minutes since he last saw her. SHA-ZAM. Elena and Rebekah split up (a plan that has never backfired) to find Katherine. When Katherine ends up attacking Elena, Rebekah runs over and throws her to the ground. Oh man, if only Elena and Rebekah could be, like, real life friends as opposed to people using each other. They’re so kick butt together.

Vampire Diaries Recap

In other new Klaus is sort of dying because of the whole Silas staked him thing. Caroline shows up and he asks for her help, except psyche it’s just Silas being a jerk pretending to be Caroline. (What if Candice Accola could play two characters like Nina Dobrev. Guys, I would die!) When real Caroline shows up later he doesn’t believe her at first, until she mentions how annoying it is that he’s keeping her from her prom committee duties. Hooray, really her. Too bad that her coming there means she has to cut the stake out of him.

Vampire Diaries Recap

In small town USA news, Rebekah and Elena take Katherine to a little diner to get information. Rebekah continues to kick Katherine’s butt (stabbing her in the hand with a fork and such). Katherine says she just wants to use the cure to buy her ‘’freedom’’ from Klaus. Through stealing Katherine’s phone, they find out she has a meeting with “Em” at 2. Elena will go and impersonate her but for that she needs those crazy shoes to look the part. Oh, and also Em turns out to be Elijah.

Vampire Diaries Recap

Stefan and Damon, a.k.a Dumb and Dumber in this episode, find Rebekah and Katherine (still just chilling at that diner). After they find out about Elijah, and are thoroughly disgusted that Katherine and Elijah are now dating apparently, Stefan realizes that Katherine is just using Elijah to help her broker a deal with Klaus.

Vampire Diaries Recap

Back at like, an underpass (a bridge?) under something, Elena tells Elijah that it’s obvious that Katherine is just using him. He doesn’t believe her until she mentions that her humanity is off because Katherine killed Jeremy, a fact Katherine never told Elijah.

Stefan goes to find Elena at the gazebo (but they’re gone). Katherine, Rebekah, and Damon go to retrieve the cure. Rebekah searches upstairs in Katherine’s house. Damon points to the empty fish tank (filled with vervain) and quickly assumes that’s where the buried treasure is. Katherine quickly pushes his head in the tank and runs off. Rebekah’s there to stop her of course, but Katherine smartly dangles the cure in front of Rebekah throwing it so that she has to run after it and Katherine can escape.

Vampire Diaries Recap

So Rebekah takes the cure, Damon let’s her. Let’s stop here because we all know it can definitely not work (too anticlimactic for the thing that has been building all season). However, I think it’s annoying that they still are trying to push that Damon would sort of want Rebekah to take it still. After all, he’s said he hates new Elena. But anyway Stefan comes and is upset that Rebekah took the cure. Damon goes to kill her and she grabs the letter opener her threw at her super fast. So, she’s clearly still a vamp. Also, wouldn’t seeing how easily you could die make you rethink wanting to be mortal?

Back at the underpass (bridge? I just can’t think of the word for what it is), Elijah tells Elena to not give up her compassion. He’s still looking for the person he loved in the monster that is Katherine. Oh speaking of Katherine she comes to snap Elena’s neck. Too late, Elijah has already decided he isn’t going to help her.

Vampire Diaries Recap

In Klaus and Caroline news, Caroline tries to bargain with Klaus saying that she’ll help him if he agrees to stop chasing Tyler. Klaus don’t play that. They get in a big fight and it’s sort of hot. But then suddenly Klaus realizes he’s not in pain. Silas just got in his mind. Guys, who’s going to play Silas? Then there’s this adorable moment at the end when Caroline asks him if he’ll stop pursuing Tyler and he’s all No, but it’s not like I’m really doing that, right? And he gives a perfect smile.

Back in this small town with just like, tunnels everywhere . . . Ok guys now I’m thinking you’d just call it an alleyway. I feel silly. But also, I’m keeping my confusion in because I want to show you my artist’s journey (VOM!). Anyway, Katherine goes to that girl from the beginning’s apartment (I liked her, can she be Silas?) and gets the cure. Katherine then goes to Elijah and tells him that she’s giving him the cure because she still wants to find her old self. In my notes I wrote “What’s the game, baby girl?” And I still mean it.

Vampire Diaries RecapRebekah meets Elijah and tells him she still wants to take the cure. He says he doesn’t think it will bring her happiness (and why can’t they all just be a family). Then he calls Klaus, tells him he has the cure and he and Rebekah are coming back to Mystic Falls. Due to certain standards of appropriateness on this site I can’t say what I think the cure looks like. Except, in the PG realm, it does look like those wax bottle candies.

And in the last scene Elena became too much for me. Oh, but first there was also this stuff where Stefan says he’ll let Elena go and once it’s all over and she takes the cure he’s leaving town. Which is a big “fool us once Vampire Diaries” moment. Anyway, Stefan and Damon go up to Elena at the diner. She tells them they need to stop trying to get her to take the cure or there will be consequences. Stefan reminds her that she never gave up on him even when he was convinced his soul was gone. Then she straight breaks the waitresses neck. That’s blood on their hands, she tells the boys. No no no no.

Vampire Diaries Recap

Speaking of no’s, is there another big hiatus coming up soon before the prom episode?


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  1. I LOVE reading your recaps! They are so much more entertaining than the actual show. Vamp Diaries has just gotten WAY too dramatic for me. I still want Damon and Elena to be together…

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