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Shelby930What makes Figment Figment? Well, there are forums and blog posts and writing groups and featured books. But what really makes this place special are all of you Figs. So you should get some love.

S. Taylor (a.k.a. Shelby930) is the author of the science fiction series, The Time Crusaders. She loves science, Skittles, and obscure Doctor Who references (who doesn’t!).

How is writing sci-fi different than writing other genres?

The biggest difference between writing sci-fi and writing other genres is amount of explaining that goes into science fiction. With similar genres such as fantasy, events can be explained vaguely, or can be attributed to “that’s just how magic works.” With realistic fiction, the reader already has an idea of how the world works. Sci-fi has to establish its setting, but then the author has to keep the rules consistent and explain everything! While it might be harder to write than other genres, it’s very rewarding to create a whole new world in fiction. 🙂

Fill in the blank: “My most embarrassing writing moment was when . . .”

My most embarrassing writing moment . . . Every time my characters do something particularly silly, I really do empathize with them. It would be great if I could stop them from making mistakes but they seem to have minds of their own more often than not!

You’ve written a series of books called The Time Crusaders. What unique challenges does a writing a series present?

The hardest part of writing a series, I think, is continuing the plot. Writing a novel is tough, but for me stopping was hard too! I was only trying to write one book with the Time Crusaders but it turned into a series somehow. The characters need to have new challenges presented every once in a while, the setting has to change, but the plot has to tie into every part of the story. Planning a series is harder than planning a book, but once you have a lot written about a group of characters, it’s amazing to go back and see how they’ve changed over time! Series give the characters so much potential for growth.

What’s your weirdest/most unique hobby?

My weirdest hobby is probably my obsession with science. It ties into my favorite genre, sci-fi, but it’s a lot of fun to research. A lot of my character names and organizations in my stories are actually scientific terms. I’m a bit of a geek, but it’s fun. 😀

Do you have a go-to writing snack?

My go-to writing snack is probably anything chocolate-y, but I’ll admit caffeine helps with the late-night writing frenzies. Other than that, Skittles are amazing!

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