Our Favorite Doctor Who Places: A Countdown—#1!

Guys! Guys! Tonight’s the night! FINALLY, there’s a new episode of Doctor Who. And you better believe we’ll be watching (stay tuned for our recap tomorrow).

All week, we’ve been counting down our favorite places that the Doctor has visited. And today, we’re please to share our number one most-favorite place. It shouldn’t come as that big of a surprise (we’re a writing community after all!).

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#1: The Globe Theatre

as seen in: The Shakespeare Code

Shakespeare, The Shakespeare Code, Doctor Who, Martha Jones

It’s no secret that we’re all literary nerds here at Figment, so we absolutely HAD to include the Doctor’s trip to the Globe Theatre in 16th-century London. It goes without saying that we’d be thrilled to find ourselves in Elizabethan England, watching one of Shakespeare’s plays when it first came out. And the fact that the Doctor just gets to hang out with Shakespeare afterwards? Our jealousy knows no bounds. Also, seeing Shakespeare awkwardly hit on Martha just about made our year. And come on, Shakespeare plus the doctor plus evil aliens? It doesn’t get much better than that.

Where would you most like to travel with the Doctor? Let us know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Our Favorite Doctor Who Places: A Countdown—#1!

  1. I could have sworn it would be the Library. I love Shakespeare, but how could Figment ignore a place that has virtually every book ever written?

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