Doctor Who Recap: The Bells of St. John

Doctor Who has returned! Who’s excited? We’re excited. It’s been a while since the last episode, so if you want to see where we left off, check out our last recap.

Doctor Who, The Doctor, Clara Oswald, Matt Smith, Jenna-Louise Coleman, The Bells of St. John

This week, we’re in present-day London, and there’s something fishy going on with the WiFi. There’s this new WiFi network that, for some reason, everyone on earth is clicking on. Instead of bringing you to the Internet, though, it basically kills you and downloads your soul into a database.

We meet Clara Oswald, who is not Oswin Oswald the Dalek or Clara Oswald the nineteenth-century nanny…or maybe she sort of is…okay, so we don’t have all the answers yet. Anyway, she’s trying to get onto the Internet, so she calls tech support and reaches—the Doctor, all the way in thirteenth-century Cumbria! Despite his stellar customer service skills, she ends up clicking on the evil WiFi.

Clara Oswald, Jenna-Louise Coleman, Doctor Who

Just then, the Doctor arrives at her house, dressed in monk’s robes, asking if Clara remembers him. She’s all, “Uh, no, who are you?” So the Doctor runs off to make a costume change, hoping that’ll jog her memory. While he’s breaking out the bowtie, though, a creepy android child appears in Clara’s house. The android starts downloading her mind, and Clara screams for help. Luckily, the Doctor’s nearby. He engages in a furious typing battle with the guys over at Evil WiFi Corp, and he wins! Clara wakes up, but we’re not out of the woods yet—Evil WiFi Corp is, well, kind of suspicious.

The Doctor and Clara realize Evil WiFi Corp are on to them, so they time travel to the next morning. Unfortunately, the WiFi company tracks them down.

Clara, however, is a step ahead of them. She figures out where Evil WiFi is located, basically by hacking the Facebook profiles of all its employees. Seriously, guys? You work for a top secret company that harvests human souls and you’re just going to throw that in your “About Me”?

Matt Smith, Doctor Who, Season 7, Episode 7

But at that moment, another android appears. This one looks just like the Doctor, and he fully downloads Clara into the system. Understandably, the real Doctor isn’t pleased. We see him cruise on his motorcycle to Evil WiFi headquarters, and then he literally drives up the side of the building until he reaches the right floor. Talk about an entrance!

He confronts Miss Kizlet, the person in charge, who tells him they can’t bring Clara back without bringing all the downloaded people back. It’s looking pretty desperate, but the Doctor still has one more trick up his sleeve. He’s sent the android version of himself to headquarters, and he promptly downloads Miss Kizlet into the system. She has no choice but to release everyone, and the world returns to normal.

The Doctor invites Clara to come travel with him. At first she’s a little wary of stepping into his “snog-box” (our new favorite nickname for the TARDIS), but in the end, it looks like she’s pretty excited to go.

Doctor Who, Episode 7, Season 7

That’s it for this week! There’s a lot in here we’re super psyched about, like the continuing references to the Great Intelligence. Clara’s also starting to grow on us, and we can’t wait to see how she handles being a full-time companion. Also, seriously, WHO IS SHE? Well, maybe we’ll find out more next episode!

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