Daily Theme from Leap Write In—First Days

Leap Write In! by Karen BenkeMonday’s Daily Theme (April 1) was from Leap Write In! by Karen Benke (published by Roost Books), a book of amazing writing prompts and exercises to stretch, warm, and mold your writing voice. You can start reading more prompts from Leap Write In! on Figment.

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First Day

Firsts are important. Firsts are powerful. We tend to remember first times with precise detail because we’re meeting ourselves in a brand new situation for the very first time.

Run back through a few first days, down the halls of a few favorite grades with a few favorite teachers, the first time you learned the truth about your parents being Santa Claus, the first time you met a favorite friend. What first wants to be explored today?

Dig Deeper:

  • What’s the first memory that sneaks up on you?
  • Write the first thing you ate this morning and where you ate it.
  • Where’s the first place you’d go if you ran away from home?

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