Daily Theme from Leap Write In—Found Poems

Leap Write In! by Karen BenkeFriday’s Daily Theme (April 5) was from Leap Write In! by Karen Benke (published by Roost Books), a book of amazing writing prompts and exercises to stretch, warm, and mold your writing voice. You can start reading more prompts from Leap Write In! on Figment.

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Found Poems

Found poems are like the world’s secret treasure chest that everyone has access to. All you need is the code.

All you need to find found-poem treasure is to copy down words, phrases, fragments, and entire sentences exactly as you see them written or hear them spoken.  And guess what? They’re everywhere: hiding in plain sight. On ordinary road signs. The covers of magazines. In book titles, chapter headings, and newspaper articles. Written on candy wrappers. Scribbled on notes passed during class. On jars of jam, bottles of shampoo.

Here’s a found poem made from three road signs + a quote taped to my computer screen + a note on a seventh-grade classroom door + the front of a greeting card.

Blind Curves Ahead

Slow to 10 m.p.h.
Start seeing everything as god
but keep it a secret.
Merge, proceed with caution.
This is a quiet zone. Poet at work.
Bullying and put-downs not allowed.
Caution: guard cat on duty.

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