Rock the Drop on April 18!

Rock the Drop 2013Rock the Drop 2013

Here’s how Rock the Drop works:

1. Print out the official bookplate (click here for a full-size version) and put it inside a book you want to share. Used books are totally okay! You can also share the bookplate on your blog, Tumblr, and Facebook.

2. Plan a super sneaky or sentimental place to hide your book. Under the tree in your favorite park? On the subway? In the cafeteria? Whichever place you choose is perfect.

3. On Thursday, April 18, drop your book and then tweet a picture or the name of the location with the hashtag #rockthedrop.

4. Bask in the glow that comes with introducing a complete stranger to his or her new favorite book.

And don’t forget, you can FIND books too! Follow @readergirlz for more info on #rockthedrop.

Rock the Drop celebrates YALSA‘s Support Teen Literature Day. It’s being coordinated by readergirlz, Figment, Soho Teen, I Heart Daily, and 826NYC.

This year, you can also donate books to the awesome 826NYC to help them grow their in-house library and support their youth writing and literacy initiatives! Package up books you love and mail them to:

attn: Joan Kim
c/o: readergirlz Rock the Drop
372 Fifth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215

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