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Immortal Rules by Julie KagawaAllison Sekemoto has lived her entire life filled with hatred for them—the blood-sucking vampires that have turned humans into nothing more than dinner. But when Allie is brought to the brink of death by ferocious Rabids, Kanin, a vampire, gives her a choice: she can die, or become the thing that she hates. Allie chooses immortality, and Kanin trains her in the tough realities of life as a bloodsucker.

Kanin’s gentle guidance and mysterious past make him a fantastic mentor. He’s knowledgeable and wise, but his experience haunts him; Allie provides Kanin a chance to redeem himself. Inspired by Kanin and Allie’s relationship in Julie Kagawa’s novel, The Immortal Rules, we came up with a list of just a few of our favorite mentors. Read through our list below, vote for your favorite, and tell us who we missed in the comments!

The Perks of Being a WallflowerMr. Anderson

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

We hope every high school wallflower has a teacher like Mr. Anderson. There’s nothing a lost teenager needs more than some good books, and no one knows that better than a high school English teacher (and Mr. Anderson recommends some GREAT books). Mr. Anderson definitely embodies all of the English teachers who go the extra mile for their students.


Divergent by Veronica RothTobias Eaton (Four)


Tobias (Four) is famous among the Dauntless for only having four fears to face in his Fear Landscape, but we fell for him the moment he saved Tris. Sure, Tobias is dreamy, brave, thoughtful, and kind, but we’re sold because of the compassion he feels. He understands the challenges of switching factions, and is Tris’s number one resource during Initiation and in all of the battles that follow.


The X-MenProfessor Xavier

The X-Men

Professor X is the wise leader of the X-Men. His troubled youth and struggles to hide his mutant powers prompted him to found Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. The school provides a safe haven for young mutants, and, with Professor X’s guidance, many of the students grow into injustice-fighting heroes. Clearly the man knows what he’s doing.


The Hunger Games by Suzanne CollinsHaymitch Abernathy

The Hunger Games

At first, Haymitch is the only thing standing between Katniss and Peeta and death, and things don’t look so great. But then Haymitch proves himself to be a more than capable mentor, guiding both of the tributes to victory with crafy plans and schemes. Of course, Peetnis definitely saved Haymitch from himself a couple times, so the mentoring goes both ways.


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneAlbus Dumbledore

The Harry Potter Series

Our friend Harry has a lot of people watching out for him as he navigates the Wizard-world, but no one gives off that “kind-wise-all-knowing-perfect-human-grandfather-mentor” vibe the way Dumbledore does. He always has a twinkle in his eye and a clever thought in his head (or gracefully placed in a pensive) and no once cares more deeply for Harry’s well-being.


Pandemonium by Lauren OliverRaven


Raven isn’t someone we’d typically think of as a mentor: She’s young, quick to anger, and often keeps to herself. But Raven sacrifices a lot to save Lena and make sure that she survives life in the Wilds. Raven makes the tough decisions and  enforces them with tough love, but, ultimately, she would do anything and everything she could to save Lena and her friends.


What do you think? Which mentor would you trust to guide you through the perils of life, love, and almost assured death? Vote now for your favorite mentor, and be sure to let us know who missed in the comments!

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52 thoughts on “Vote Now: Our Favorite Mentors!

    • Oh gosh. I’m a total Harry Potter die-hard, but I had a lot of trouble with this one. It was a three-way tie between Haymitch, Four (I could never get used to Tobias), and Dumbledore. In the end, Dumbledore persevered, but it was so hard!!!

  1. You didn’t have Halt. Of course, I don’t know how many people have read the Ranger’s Apprentice books by John Flanagan, but Halt is probably one of my favourite fictional mentors – I would love to have that kind of teacher; harsh but loving. It makes you try your best and surprise everyone who doubted you, even yourself.

  2. Thank you for referencing Ranger’s Apprentice! It is definitely one of my favorite series! In my mind, Halt is the only mentor who could rival Dumbledore. While they are both caring and wise, Halt is better at being tough on Will when necessary.

  3. I’ve been obsessing a bit over the Vampire Academy series lately, so I have to point out that Dimitri isn’t on there. Incredible gorgeousness aside, he’s got that whole “badass warrior god” thing going on, as well as an amazing sense of chivalry.

  4. Hello? Dead Poets Society’s Mr. Keating? I would have totally voted for him, that movie is one of my favourite movies ever!

  5. Definatley Commander Root from Artemis Fowl.

    Because good mentoring is a lot of swearing and threatening to fire people/put them on traffic.

  6. Halt from Ranger’s Apprentice would be my choice out of anyone, hands down. While Dumbledore and the others are kind and compassionate and stuff, Halt I think would be the best Mentor teaching wise. You’d learn a lot, and he’s dedicated to the cause. He’s also pretty boss when it comes to fighting, I’d much rather have him protecting me than someone like Haymitch.

  7. Gosh darn it, HP fandom, I love you and all, but why do you have to be so /large/ and /everywhere/? Seriously! I’m going back to Tumblr. There I can hide in a hole of Seahorses and Sherlockians.

    Side note: His superpower is /super empathy/. Why in the name of all that is good would you not vote for that.

  8. I knew Dumbledore would be winning thanks to the popularity of HP (which I am not complaining about, I literally have a Snape poster in my room :p), but when you think about it, Mr. Anderson is the better mentor. While Dumbledore liked to talk in circles and never tell Harry things straight up, Mr. Anderson gave Charlie what he needed most in a very dark time: a friend. And even when things got better, he stuck with him and helped him when he needed it.

    I love Albus as much as the next guy, but I see him more as a wise man who thought about the greater good more than a mentor who helped people get through hard times with simple acts of kindness. Idk, just my opinion. But Mr. Anderson has my vote.

  9. Where is Gandalf and Sam? Without them, Bilbo(THE HOBBIT) and Frodo(THE LORD OF THE RINGS)would both be creepy goblin things like Gollum/Smeagol, because the ring would of rotted their brains.

  10. You missed one … I believe the greatest mentor of all time was Mentor of Arisia from E.E. “Doc” Smith’s 6-volume “Lensman” series. He guided Civilization, helping them fight Boskonia and the evil Eddorians.

  11. What?! No Jace?! He’s such a good mentor! Even though he tends to be a bit harsh on Clary, he teaches her everything she knows. He’s also just a super badass.

  12. Well…Halt is pretty freaking awesome. And he does have sarcasm and mentoring-ness down to an art. And Gandalf is just a great mentor too. But…call me a weirdo kid, but I loved the Mysterious Benedict I think Halt should be there, yes, being a crazy Ranger’s Apprentice fan, and I have the Hobbit memorized, so Gandalf should be up too…but I would still vote for Mr. Benedict. He’s like Obi Wan, Gandalf and Professor Digory Kirke rolled into one. With bouts of narcolepsy. And a chessboard.

  13. Benedict from the Mysterious Benedict Society, or Bear from Crispin, or Iphigenia from Wildwood, or even Miss Phelps from Aunt Maria. Whee for underrated, never-heard-of books!!

  14. I think someone forgot to put Joe Solomon from the Gallagher Girls Series on here. I mean, he would still come second to Haymitch (“Stay alive” has to be about the best advice ever, well not to Peeta apparently, hah hah), but he should be here.

  15. Okay I have a few that you missed!

    Halt- The Rangers Apprentice Series. Seriously, why not? He’s kick ass at fighting, has the perfect sarcasm, he is the best mentor ever and he is also really kind and loyal! I mean, come on! He has been one step away from death multiple times just I save Will even wen Will wasn’t his apprentice anymore! Halt would totally have my vote!

    Nicholas Flammel- The Nicholas Flammel Series. Sure, he’s a pretty old dude but damn he’s a great mentor. He warns them of risks but still tells them all the positives of the risk, even when he doesn’t want them to do something because they could die. Nicholas gives them magic as well! Halt would still have my vote but I’m pretty disappointed that Nicholas wasn’t here.

    Chiron- Percy Jackson. Okay now this one I am devastated about. No one has even mentioned him. Chiron is like one of the best. I mean, he’s lived for thousands of years and even fights against his father just so he can try and keep heroes alive. Chiron always tells them just what they need to know and he’s pretty awesome. I live his relatives the party ponies too! How is Chiron not on here when and English teacher is? It’s outrageous! (Given, I almost voted for Mr Anderson myself!)

    I’d also like to mention Gandalf, Effie, (what? She also kept the alive by giving them charm) Lupa, Barda, Brom, Sebastian, (the farm) Aslan and Maggiore Totus! Yea I read alot!

  16. Dumbledore is one of my favs but so are Gandalf, And Professor Xavier but in the end Four was the winner but they all my mentors

  17. Oh my gosh! I’m so glad you guys put Raven in this, I freaked out when I saw her because I absolutely loved her in those books. She was strong and wise, in more ways then one which is why she makes a perfect leader. I just finished the Delirium series so I loved it being added in this survey! 😀

  18. These are all fine mentors from younger fiction, but what about Tom Builder from “Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follett, or if you want to stay in young adult fiction, Long John Silver, who is easily one of the most complex and hardcore mentor figures who is at once antagonist, protagonist, and mentor. He is a startlingly well used character and the prototype for a lot of the traits you see in other mentor characters, Haymitch Abernathy included.

  19. Between Haymitch and Dumbledore.
    I chose Haymitch in the end, because although Dumbledore is so epic and I love the Harry Potter series, I felt like Haymitch was a better mentor.

  20. Raven, Tobias, Dumbledore and Mr. Anderson. That was impossible!! My vote went for Tobias though. Four and Six forever
    “Mr. Anderson” Smith clone voice!! Matrix!!

  21. Maybe Mr. Benedict, Number Two and Rhonda Kazembe (not to mention Ms. Permual) from “Mysterious Benedict Society”, or Pietro, Owen, and Mr. Wallace from the Secret Series.

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