The Friends and Rivals Flash-Fiction Contest — Finalists!

Palmares Três has fallen in love with its new Summer King, Enki, including June’s best friend Gil. The problem: June also has feelings for the handsome prince.

Inspired by the friendships and rivalries in The Summer Prince, by Alaya Dawn Johnson, we challenged you to a four-day flash-fiction contest. We’re now pleased to announce the finalists that will be sent to Alaya for judging.

Check out the finalists and wish your fellow Figs good luck!


Limerance by Eleanor Russel

Conqueror by Ness

Macaroni Necklace by sebbyfuzz

The Sky Girl by Natalia Thin

The Cat’s New Comrade by Marissa LaPorte


Four winners will each receive a copy of The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson and see their stories featured on the Figment homepage.

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