Modern Family Recap: Flip Flop

This week on Modern Family: Claire, Cam, Phil, and Mitchell try to sell the house they flipped; and Gloria’s ex-husband Javier introduces the family to his intelligent new girlfriend.

When MF first brought up the idea of Claire and Cam working together to flip a house, I thought it was going to be a much more recurring plot throughout the season. But this week’s episode wrapped it up in a nice little bow, and frankly, I think that’s all the viewers were really going to be interested in. Claire and Cam (or “Clameron,” as Phil dubbed them) did a great job with the house. But despite their high hopes, the market is in bad shape, and they’re having trouble selling it. When Phil’s real estate rival, Gil Thorpe (Rob Riggle), low-balls them with an offer from a potential buyer, the group throws a Hail Mary and reaches out to an adult who Luke knows is looking for a house. Haley does some Girl With the Dragon Tattoo-style research (okay, she uses, like, Twitter and stuff), and finds personal details about the buyer, such as:

Haley: “Zack Barbie, born 1986, went to college at a place called Mit.”
Alex: “M.I.T.
Haley: “I know how to spell it.”
Alex: [the best eye roll of the season]

Teehee. But I was glad Haley was useful to the family.

Zack (the dude from Workaholics) arrives for a walk-thru, and our team is ready with his favorite funk music, Blackhawks paraphernalia, and beer in the fridge. It seems like Zack feels right at home, until Cam takes it too far: “And how much is little Otis gonna enjoy this doggy door?!” Zack’s weirded out that the family stalked him enough to know his dog’s name, and he bails. It seems like all is lost until Gil Thorpe shows up to taunt Phil with an even lower offer. Cam and Mitchell pretend to be interested buyers, and Gil totally believes it. (“Dammit. Gays. They come to play.”) Gil caves and admits his guy really wants in and will increase his offer. Everybody celebrates, and Phil gets to gloat with puns, which is a mode I love to see him in.

Over in the Jay’s house, Gloria is thrown for a loop when Javier visits Manny and brings along a threatening woman, Trish (Paget Brewster). Trish isn’t one of his typical bimbos; she’s intelligent, cultured, and Manny loves her. The group plays a rousing game of charades, and Manny is totally in-sync with Trish’s clues.

JAVIER (to Manny): Wow, you could do this for a living.
MANNY: Really? Is there such a thing—
PHIL: No, just like there’s no such thing as a professional Broadway enthusiast.

And I died a little.

The only part of the Javier-Trish storyline I didn’t like was the ending, in which Javier proposes to Trish, Trish freaks out, and Gloria goes to console her/drive her away. Trish has a breakdown to Gloria about how she’s so intimidated by her body and cooking skills and her being a better woman and blah blah blah. Ew. It’s kind of funny that then Gloria is willing to accept Trish, but I hate seeing that stereotypical “women are either smart or beautiful” thing. Let’s try not to reinforce that in the media any more than the roles of Haley and Alex already do.

Plus, come on, if we’re to accept that Paget Brewster deserves to complain about her weight, then I have a house with two tasteful backyard fountains to sell you.

Photo: ABC’s Modern Family

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