The Goddess Inheritance Flash-Fiction Contest Winners

In the conculsion to Aimée Carter’s The Goddess Test series, The Goddess Inheritance, Kate Winters is forced to choose between giving up her eternal life with her husband and child or stopping the end of the world.

Inspired by The Goddess Inheritance, we challenged you to a five day god and goddess–themed flash-fiction contest. You wrote some fantastic entries, and today we are pleased to announce the winners!

Check out the winning entries below and be sure to congratulate your fellow Figs on a job well done.

Day 1:

Aimée Carter says: Poor Otto! The subtlety here is wonderful, and I was rooting for them. The tragic ending is a perfect tie-in to the original myth.

Day 2:

Aimée Carter says: There’s a sense of mystery here that I really enjoyed, and it leaves me wanting more. Des is extremely intriguing, and Seph’s desire not to be there is communicated very well through her dialogue.

Day 3:

Aimée Carter says: The tension in this piece leaps off the page, and the conflict feels so real and modern. Love Demeter’s strength and their back-and-forth!

Day 4:

Aimée Carter says: This is such a great piece—everything in this leads up to the climax, and Hermes’ disappointment is a punch to the gut. A terrific story that takes advantage of every word.

Day 5:

Aimée Carter says:  I love that we don’t have to know much about Cora to know exactly what kind of character she is thanks to the vivid details in the piece. Poor Perry, being blackmailed like that! Then again, it’s hard to feel too sorry for him when he gets a date with the girl he likes.

Congrats to the all winners! Each of you will each receive copies of the entire Goddess Test series (The Goddess TestGoddess Interruptedand The Goddess Inheritance) in a beach bag tote with suntan lotion and a beach ball.

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