A Chance to Unremember: A Flash-Fiction Contest—Finalists

Unremembered by Jessica BrodyIn Unremembered by Jessica Brody, Freedom Airlines Flight 121 crashes in the Pacific Ocean, and no one expects any survivors. But floating among the wreckage is a 16-year-old girl, clinging for her life. However, the girl has no memory of the crash or her life before it.

For the most part, the idea of losing your memory is pretty scary. But everyone has a few moments they would rather just forget. With this in mind, we asked you to write about a memory you would like to unremember. Now, we’re giddy to announce the finalists that will be sent to Jessica Brody for judging!

Check out the stories below, and be sure to cheer on your fellow Figs!


Learning to Fly by Sarah M. Line

At First by S

Blessed Darkness by Lieder Madchen

I wish I could forget… by Haley Burgmyer

Can-Can in the Outfield by Jessica White

Kaden by Lily Maison

What I Lost To Her by Catharine Levi

It Never Stopped Echoing by Taylor HUZZAH! -n

Can’t Hang On by Ness

Motorcycles by autumn


One grand-prize winner will receive an eReader loaded with Unremembered by Jessica Brody, a Jessica Brody sampler, and exclusive content from Jessica about the book. The grand-prize winner will also receive a Figment tote and the chance to choose the Figment homepage stories for one day. Jessica Brody will feature the winning story on her blog!

Two runners-up will each receive a copy of Unremembered.

One thought on “A Chance to Unremember: A Flash-Fiction Contest—Finalists

  1. Read this book. it is not your typical memory loss. trust me. memory loss and amnesia are only a tiny speck on the big scheme of things.

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