Also Known As Short-Story Contest Winners

Also Known As by Robin BenwayAlso Known As by Robin Benway is the story of Maggie Silver, the daughter of two international spies, who’s been cracking safes open since she was just a tot. With all the spying and safe-cracking, Maggie has never attnded a traditional high school. That is, until her first solo assignment sends the Silver family to New York City, where Maggie will have to solve the case—and attend English class—all without blowing her cover.

Inspired by Maggie’s international spy adventures, we challenged you to write a story about someone with a secret identity. You wrote and voted for your favorites, and then we sent the top ten most-hearted stories to Robin Benway for judging.

Check out the winners below, and be sure to congratulate your fellow Figs!

Grand Prize

Robin says: “Wonderful flying descriptions. Great take on the ‘double life’ theme!”

Awesome job, Lauren! You will receive copies of Also Known As by Robin Benway, Me, Him, Them, and It by Caela Carter, and Going Vintage by Lindsey Leavitt. You’ll also have the chance to choose the Figment homepage stories for one day.



Robin says: “Amazing world-building with fire & smoke.”

Robin says: “Cool twist at the end and great chase scene!”

Well done, Valkerie and Hosanna! You will each receive a copy of Also Known As by Robin Benway.

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