How To Know When To Give Up On A Crush

Real crushes die hard. Just when you think you’re over it, he chooses to sit next to YOU in study hall, even though it’s a lefty desk, and you’re filled with hope all over again. But then he doesn’t invite you to go in his car for open lunch, even though you were standing right there, and you descend into a bad mood for the rest of the day. The rollercoaster that is your day has become overwhelming. Here are some concrete signs that it’s time to stop checking your beloved’s Facebook wall.

1. If she doesn’t text you back after an open-ended question

There are two possible reasons a person wouldn’t text back after an open-ended question:

1. She forgot about it–meaning she doesn’t see you as a romantic object worth dwelling upon.

2. She didn’t forget about it–and she’s trying to make herself not remember so as to send a clear signal that she doesn’t want to have discussions with you that could possibly lead to kissing this weekend.

2. You tell her about a movie you want to see, and she’s like cool and then later tells you how she ended up seeing it with someone else

Welp, so much for you two sharing a popcorn and attempting to use the same armrest. If she wanted to watch The Croods with you, let’s face it, she would have asked you to go see The Croods when you guys bonded over your love of Cloris Leachman and she had the opening.

3. If he blatantly tells you he’s so happy you’re friends 

I don’t know many guys who feel the need to tell their friends how much they mean to them. So this is probably more of a soft, “Please stop turning our high-fives into hand-holds.”

4. If his friends are like, “Dude, we know you like him. And he doesn’t like you like that.”

It’s not that his friends are jealous. Or that they’re mean. They’re just annoyed because you made them sad when you arrived to school early so you could decorate his locker for his half-birthday.

5. If your friends keep trying to convince you he doesn’t play for your team

Either they’re trying to stop you from thinking it’s personal, or it’s just a fact. Or there’s that fun third option where nobody knows what the deal is, including the kid in question, and you’ll spend a year or more of your life pining for someone who’s too emotionally closed off to give you what you need anyway. It’s like trying to have a relationship with a YouTube bar that keeps stalling.    

6. If you have resorted to reading this article

I mean, you probably have an inkling that something is amiss if you felt the need to turn to me, a total stranger, to tell you what’s going on in your ____ship. Why not refocus your energy on that unfinished piece of writing that you initially turned on your computer to do? (Fun fact: crushes are like cats–they’re totally going to crawl all over your keyboard when they realize you’re more interested in something else!)

What are some other signs that it’s time to get over your crush? Let us know in the comments!

Photos: The Croods movie poster; “Tyler B-23” by Miss Wetzel’s Art Class; “Midge Cat and Computer” by Doug Woods


6 thoughts on “How To Know When To Give Up On A Crush

  1. I kinda happened to watch The Croods with the person I like but I was with a couple other people too and she doesn’t like me back :'(

  2. Whoa. I think I really needed this. Now… *sniff* Ahem… Uh, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just… I’ll just bury my face in a pint of triple chocolate ice cream for the next seven hours… *sobs*

  3. I really needed this, so thank you. I have to stop getting so involved in crushes and learn to be strong and independent and realize that despite my crush, they’ll end up as fruitless ventures.

  4. Or, she posted a nice sunny pic of herself and boyfriend hiking over the weekend. And i gave up a nice opportunity to chat with her just now.

  5. i think it’s time to give it up, but i feel he likes me, and i think when he is not annoying, he’s cute, but when he is, it’s just too much. he doesn’t like communications either. i’ve never met a guy as difficult as he is! plus, all he thinks abt is sex…. i’d rather spend some quiet time alone with my work. i have no idea how to make him feel better, or if he wants me to be nice to him, bcoz either way, he is so mean.

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