Doctor Who Recap: Hide

Doctor Who, Clara Osborne, The Doctor, Season 7, Episode 10

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This week, we’re in 1974 England, where a professor, Alec Palmer, and his psychic assistant, Emma Grayling, are trying to find a ghost. Just as the ghost shows herself, there’s a knock on the door. The Doctor and Clara have arrived! Obviously they can’t resist something this cool.

While Emma and Alec hang out (a.k.a., flirt) by the ghost-catching machinery, Clara and the Doctor try to locate the ghost, which has apparently haunted the house for centuries. When they reach the heart of the house, things start to get weird. They rush back downstairs to Emma and Alec. Suddenly, a wormhole opens. They see the ghost more clearly than ever before, Emma faints and the psychic connection is broken. The ghost is in trouble, and the Doctor’s determined to find out why.

Clara Osborne, Doctor, Doctor Who, Jenna-Louise Coleman, Matt Smith

Then, the Doctor has an idea! He’s going to go back in time and take pictures of the ghost over millions of years, basically to figure out how long she’s been freaking out and what exactly she’s freaking out about. He and Clara take the TARDIS (even though the TARDIS still hasn’t quite warmed up to Clara) and they’re back in a flash.

When he puts the pictures together, the Doctor discovers that the ghost isn’t a ghost after all: She’s a time traveler named Hila Tukurian who’s trapped in a pocket universe. In her world, time moves more slowly, so she hasn’t actually been calling for help for millions of years—just a few minutes. She’s being chased, but nobody knows what’s chasing her.

Time for a rescue mission! They set up a bunch of psychic wormhole-creating equipment because the TARDIS won’t be able to withstand more than a couple seconds in the pocket universe. Emma opens the wormhole and the Doctor jumps inside.

The Doctor finds Hila quickly and everything’s solved! Right? Well, not so much. There’s a creepy creature in the mist, and the Doctor has misplaced the exit. Whoops.

Doctor Who, Matt Smith

With a little help from Emma, the Doctor finds the wormhole and sends Hila through. But before he can come through himself, it becomes too much for Emma. The wormhole closes, leaving the Doctor trapped alone with the creaky monster.

While poor Emma puts her wormhole gear back on, Clara tries to get into the TARDIS. It takes a little convincing, but it finally opens up so she can swing by the pocket universe to grab the Doctor.

Clara Osborne, Jenna-Louise Coleman, TARDIS

Meanwhile, the Doctor figures out that the creature wants to hitch a ride back to the regular universe, presumably to wreak all kinds of creaky havoc. Just then, Clara arrives! She picks up the Doctor and they return home. Everything’s good NOW, right?

For a while, it looks like it. Hila and Emma discover they’re related, which is why their bond was so strong. Emma and Alec accept the fact that they’re both, like, totally into each other. But then the Doctor realizes why the monster wanted to go through the wormhole. His girlfriend is trapped in the house, and he’s trapped in the pocket universe. He doesn’t want to kill people, he just wants to find his true love (d’awww).

We still don’t know exactly what Clara’s deal is, but we absolutely loved this episode. It had everything that makes for a good Doctor Who story: creepy ghosts, wormholes, alternate universes, and, of course, two terrifying creatures who fall in love across time and space. Doctor Who, this is why we adore you.

2 thoughts on “Doctor Who Recap: Hide

  1. I have read so many theories about Clara. One of them might be right but I have a feeling that the genius that is Steven Moffat will surpass the theories so far. When I watched the trailer for Hide, I hoped we would learn something about Clara from the psychic. However, I got chills when the psychic said Clara was just an ordinary girl. The fact that an excellent psychic could sense absolutely nothing about her makes the Clara phenomenon even more curious. Also, what was the deal with the TARDIS appearing as Clara and also not liking her? Ugh, Moffat is starving us for details!

  2. Hide was brilliant. The series, in my opinion, is starting to pick up steam and go WHEEEEEEE!

    That being said, I’m starting to think Clara is Cal from Silence in the Library or a Time Lord because her shirt in the “Rings of Akhaten” flashback had two hearts on it (which could be a coincidence.) Or both. *shrug* I’ll be interested to see who she truly is…

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