Terrible Ways to Get Asked to Prom

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Unless you’re in a relationship or you have a best friend with whom you have a prom pact, you might be bugging over who you’ll take as your date. No matter how stressed you may get, you cannot lose sight of one critical question: is your potential prom date nightmare material? If you are asked to the dance in one of the following ways, slowly back away, block him/her from your phone, start eating lunch in a secret location and DECLINE THE INVITATION IMMEDIATELY.


You’re Fired!

He write the message with lighter fluid on your front lawn and sets it ablaze. Your dad
spends a lot of time manicuring that yard, so he will definitely have your suitor arrested.
At least you won’t have to go into hiding!

Firefighters putting out a fire

Photo by Chris Lee


Buzz Off

She somehow lets a fly into your house. It doesn’t matter if she had the best invitation idea in prom history. If a fly gets into your home, you’ll go all Walter White and you won’t be able to think straight until that fly is a) dead or b) gone. The prom invite is as good as toast.

fly swatter

Photo by Edward Betts


Rocky Start

He throws rocks on you. Oh! The rocks have “WILL U ROCK THE PROM W/ ME?” written on them in Sharpie. Because he has the flirting techniques of a kindergartner.



She tattoos the message to her forehead. Come on. That’s just the least clever and the most embarrassing. And highly indicative of an unstable personality. If you say yes, you’re definitely going to be at the receiving end of a marriage proposal. Fair warning. She’s in it for the long haul.

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She leaves dead birds in your locker/backpack/desk. Unless you’re a cat. Then, this is very flattering and par for the course. If you’re a human, this is gross and creepy. And not normal. And there isn’t any prom-themed pun that can redeem it.

cat carrying a dead pigeon

Photo by Yug


No. Just No.

He hacks into your Netflix account and cancels it and texts, “now you have nothing else better to do.” This is an inexcusable offense.

netflix logo

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  1. Another terrible way to be asked to prom you ask? When you’re coming from your last period about to drive to a resturaunt to meet up with your boyfriend as you see a ‘nerd’ writing – You r 2 cute 4 me. Want 2 go 2 PROM’ in sharpie on your brand new mercedes .___.

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