14 Things I Know About Supernatural Based Only on Tumblr

“Winchesters’ Laundry Day” by petite-madame.com

I guess laundry day sucks extra hard for Winchesters and hold up is that a human skeleton?

I have never watched an episode of Supernatural in my life. I’m sure it’s a lovely show, and it’s on my list after Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, Dexter, Entourage, Homeland, and Walking Dead. Oh! And the rest of Veronica Mars. And the most recent Starkid musical.

I already feel intimately familiar with the show, though, due to Figment’s Tumblr and all the wonderful fans we follow. When I finally sit down to watch Supernatural, there are 14 things I expect to be true.

1. Dean and Sam Winchester are brothers.

2. Their parents were killed…by…demons?

3. The older brother is shorter than the younger brother, which took me a while to grasp because my understanding of the world is less complex than a third grader’s.

4. Dean and Sam don’t know about demons in the pilot. The show is their journey into the world of demons, a la Fringe, a la Charmed, a la almost every show with supernatural elements.

5. The Winchesters are the good guys, but they kill a lot of people.

by coporolight.tumblr.com (via allthesupernaturalgifs.tumblr.com)

6. Most of the girls the Winchesters date end up evil, demonic, or dead.

7. Dean has a nice car that he is pretty attached to.

8. Castiel is an angel (and maybe also God?) who has the social IQ of a Sim that keeps walking into a wall and tickling other Sims.

9. Castiel gets turned evil sometimes.

10. There’s a lumberjack guy who the Winchesters trust. He seems to get stuff done.

11. There are other evil guys. One of them wears a suit, I don’t know…

From rpgifsforthemun.tumblr.com

12. Sam Winchester acts like a moose?

13. A lot of episodes take place on Tuesdays.

14. Castiel and Dean have a lot of sexual tension and may or may not be hooking up.

by lurea.tumblr.com

17 thoughts on “14 Things I Know About Supernatural Based Only on Tumblr

  1. This makes me very happy. I have literally no one I know who watches Supernatural, and the only people I know who know about it heard about it from me or tumblr. :3 I really love this show.

  2. This is really funny from the perspective of somone who hasn’t even seen an episode. It is really creepy how much of this is true; however, you will be disappointed that #4 is not true at all

  3. Is the last one, #14 true? I only watched the first few episodes of the first season and haven’t watched anymore. From what I remember isn’t Dean a playboy?

  4. Tumblr was my chief source of Supernatural information. It’s one of those shows (like Sherlock–I know, shame on me) that I want to watch when I have time. (Ha! Like I have time…)

  5. Lol’d. I don’t think a lot of episodes take place on Tuesdays as much as it’s referring to the Mystery Spot episode, in which the boys relive Tuesday over and over again.

    I think #14 is subjective. Shippers, ya know.

    #6 is unbelievably spot on.

  6. I watched a few episodes here and there, enough to know Sam and Dean are brothers and there are angels and demons. My fandoms have occasionally bumped up against Supernatural fandoms, and the end result was something like “Sam and Dean (or at least the actors that play them) have great sexual tension!”, which made my brain cringe.

  7. I love this so much! I have watched every episode of Supernatural thus far and it is very fascinating to see one’s impression based solely on tumblr. Kudos, though, because a lot of that was surprisingly accurate! Also, funny. Thanks for the great post!

  8. A lumberjack guy XD That’s be Bobby. From the perspective of someone who has seen every episode of this show…this is hilarious!

  9. Wait, #4 is wrong. They’ve been raised hunting demons their whole lives, because their mother was killed by one so their father wanted revenge and taught them how to kill the demons and other monsters. I love this though, I love Castiel, he’s hilarious.

  10. By lumberjack guy, do you mean Bobby? Or Garth? Supernatural is my favorite show ever to exist. Before it did exist, I loved Charmed and Smallville. I also love Fringe. But now that’s over too. Hope Supernatural keeps on going even at season 8.

  11. And BTW, sick of the Destial pairing. Dean is a ladies man. I’m mostly Team Sam, but I love all the character. Every single one of them. (Especial Cast)

  12. “There’s a lumberjack guy who the Winchesters trust. He seems to get stuff done.”

    Possibly the met accurate description of Bobby I’ve ever heard.

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