Vampire Diaries Recap: The Originals

Charles Michael Davis. If this were Elizabethan times I’d be writing sonnets to you (and wondering what this bright box was I am writing on). If this were the 90s, I’d be doodling your name in my Lisa Frank notebook. But, because this is 2013, I’ll have to settle with constantly pitching stories where I get to interview you. Oh how perfect you are, let me count the ways!

This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was a backdoor pilot for The Originals a new show that will ideally air next fall. That meant, tons of setting up story and so much plot that my poor recapper fingers are about to get exhausted. So let’s begin.

Vampire Diaries Recap

Elena’s super blood thirsty, but she’s yet to turn on any emotions (even desperation). The boys, Stefan and Damon, are arguing about what they always do. Katherine brazenly enters. What does she have to fear now? Klaus is gone.

And he for real is, he’s in New Orleans. Lots of establishing shots ensue. We see Hayley at a restaurant asking about her family some more. I wrote some pretty obscene things in my notes here (jokes on me: She’s gonna be a regular in this show). The bartender gives her directions to possibly find her family. She also takes a lock of Hayley’s hair. The bartender and the cook are brewing some magic as a way to get Klaus back in town. I’ve purposely not used names until this point, because I for real cannot tell these two ladies apart. Jane-Anne (I assume . . . ) does some kind of spell that leaves Hayley’s map on fire, car broken down, and cell phone acting up. Witches surround her and she faints.

More establishing shots. Klaus talks to a witch who tells him she’s got to keep quiet, or else Marcel will be angry. Who’s Marcel? Who’s Marcel you ask?! Well, he’s that very very charismatic Charles Michael Davis, killing it singing ‘’How You Like Me Now?’’ Klaus and Marcel have an intense scene that seems like it’s going to be a confrontation (and they’re almost kissing), but Marcel’s just playing. Klaus is his boy (and sire).

Vampire Diaries Recap

The nightwalkers are Marcel’s riffraff, but he mainly associates with daywalkers (how’d he get those rings? Well, that’s where we’re headed). Klaus wants to know about Jane-Anne, who Katherine warned him about last week. Marcel captures her, his henchman tie her up, and he interrogates her surrounded by his mob of vampires. Then he cuts her neck up. Guess he’s not going to play nice. Also, it seems like Klaus’ problems may be solved. At first, Klaus is upset he didn’t get to question Jane, but eventually calms down. He asks one of Marcel’s lackeys if he knows any other witches related to Jane-Anne.

This leads Klaus to Sophie (in my notes I still have her as “gumbo maker”), who is also afraid of Marcel and won’t talk. After all, his lackey’s are following Klaus. Oh look, an adorable bartender who looks A LOT like Caroline (you don’t have me fooled!). The henchmen confront Sophie in the alley, trying to figure out what Klaus was looking for. BA-BAM they are instantly taken out by . . . Elijah.

Vampire Diaries Recap

Klaus goes to confront Marcel for having him followed. There’s a huge party of people that look like characters from the “Mr. Brightside” music video. THIS IS MY NIGHTMARE, I wrote in my notes, because it for real is. As the oldest young person you will ever meet, everything’s a little too loud. It didn’t help that the one shot this show really tried to utilize is the super shaky, hazy shot, like someone you’re being slowly knocked out.

Marcel takes Klaus to his roof to show him his domain ‘’Look at that skyline, that there, that’s progress.’’ The idea of New Orleans as an empire is super intriguing to me. Let’s hope it works. They see the Caroline-lookalike bartender again and Marcel says if she’s brave and walking alone, he’ll spare her, if she’s dumb, he won’t. This is legit, not the kind of message I think this show should promote. I mean, if a stranger snuck up on you when you were walking alone, wouldn’t you just freak out? And if you had a black belt, I feel like you would very rightly just punch them or something. And like, should you really not be allowed to walk around alone at night for fear that a vampire might grab you? Of course not. Anyway . . . moving on. Elijah shows up on the balcony with Klaus as Marcel is finding out that Caroline-lookalike (Cami) is not afraid. Elijah takes Klaus to Sophie.

Vampire Diaries Recap

This is where Sophie DROPS A BOMBSHELL. Hayley’s there and she’s PREGNANT. WITH KLAUS’ BABY! Not happy. Not happy at all. Darn you Vampire Diaries for making me so team Klaroline and then throwing this up in there. The witches want Klaus to stop Marcel from his reign of terror over the witches (oh, he doesn’t let the witches do magic without him knowing) or they’ll kill Hayley. There’s a wonderful moment where Klaus looks at Hayley’s belly and sees a heartbeat (although, improbable). Then we move away from the moment and Klaus says to just kill her. Now that she is pregnant, I have to rethink my hatred of Hayley as a character.

Vampire Diaries Recap

Elijah tries to reason with Klaus that family is the most important thing in the world and that with this baby they have a chance to do everything over. Klaus still doesn’t want to be manipulated by the witches. Elijah calls Rebekah and she is having none of it. She does not care at all. Then in comes Katherine, who says the single most devastating thing to a person eating tons of Chinese food in a half-empty apartment, which is that both her and Klaus are driven by the feeling deep inside that they’re alone. Done.

Vampire Diaries Recap

Anyway, Klaus goes to confront Marcel again (who like, for sure is so nice to Klaus because he’s a legit sociopath). How does Marcel control the witches and know when they’re doing magic? Is there gonna be a twist where Marcel is a witch? Who knows? Marcel says he’s king and he will be respected. Klaus argues that he found Marcel when he was nothing. Something is said about whips I think . . . which overall I can’t remember because it made me a little too uncomfortable and maybe 100 years ago is a little too close to slavery to be bringing up any sort of word that has connotations with slavery. I mean, they could have a really interesting discussion about slavery, but it’s not right to just make an allusion too it as a power move. Or maybe it wasn’t supposed to be that at all and I’m just being oversensitive. Anyway, in a fit of anger Klaus werewolf bites one of Marcel’s friends. He broke one of Marcel’s rules, but can’t be killed. So who’s really in control? Let’s be real, Klaus is of course really in control. I mean, if Klaus dies, Marcel dies, right?

Vampire Diaries Recap

Klaus watches a man painting on the street alongside Caroline lookalike Cami. Even though I was seething during this whole scene (KLAROLINE for life), this was the best atmospheric look at New Orleans the whole episode, I thought. It reminded me of that beautiful feeling you get when you explore a city for the first time and all the uncertainty of the mystery goes away and you’re left just being in awe of everything. Cami analyzes what the artist feels like and tells Klaus she’s a psych major. Good luck with this guy, Cami, he’s got every problem in the book.

Klaus tells Elijah he wants what Marcel has, power, loyalty, family. He wants to be king. And every king needs an heir. So . . . yeah, not the “Klaus does something to save his family and along the way it makes him a better person” storyline we wanted . . . quite yet. We’re so close.

Sophie tells Klaus that his first step has to be finding a place in Marcel’s inner circle. That means playing nice and giving the guy he bit some nice, curative, hybrid blood. Marcel does the angry face turned smile switcheroo, because, again, he’s a legit sociopath. So Klaus is in.

Vampire Diaries Recap

Elijah tells Rebekah she has to come down to New Orleans. She passes it up for now, but she’ll be down there (down there, she’s the star of the show!). He kisses Katharine goodbye too. Alone again.

In other news, just when I thought they were pulling are from Klaroline, Klaus calls Caroline and tells her there’s nothing he wants more than to show her the city. Oh, this beating heart.

Oh also, next week Damon and Stefan will be torturing Elena.

What do you guys think, would you watch an Originals show?

Vampire Diaries Recap

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