Great Hunger Games Fan-Fiction

We’re pretty anxious for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Victory TourCatching Fire to come out, but what’s seven months of waiting when you have nearly endless amounts of fan-fiction to read?! We know the world of fan-fiction can be intimidating, so we collected some of our favorites from the Figment library for your reading pleasure.

Check out our favorite Hunger Games-inspired stories below, and let us know if we missed any great reads in the comments!


Most Heart-Wrenching Poem

Sea Green Eyes by Monopedius Brevitius [Riah]

He loves a girl that’s crazy,/ She loves a boy that is mad,/Both in different worlds so strange,There’s never been a love-story so sad.


Most Likely to Make You Dissolve into a Puddle of Tears

A Rue Blooming on the Battlefield by Alex M. Stache

She continues to brush my hair, and I close my eyes. Those moments when I was younger, before I had the responsibilities of my other siblings, rained down on me. My mother brushing my hair as I fluttered my eyes closed. It was like I was a baby. The lullaby she sang while I was being drawn into sleep. Her dark eyes stared at me, nestling me down. I was happy.


Best Pre-Katniss Story

Silence by Hayley Rue Mockingjay

 It wasn’t my first reaping, but this year was guaranteed to be the worst yet. The previous year, my brother, Jonah, was sent to the arena like a lamb to the slaughter. He didn’t make it out of the bloodbath at the Cornocopia. He was just thirteen, having celebrated his birthday several weeks before the reaping. The odds were certainly not in his favour. They never are for tributes of District 10.


Most Satisfying Peetnis Story

Mellarks After Mockingjay by Im Just Liz 🙂

After the defeat of the Capitol I finally allowed myself to love Peeta. I was sort of obliged to for a couple reasons. For one, he would not let me do anything otherwise, secondly, after Prim’s death I had not had really anything else to love, and finally, I figured out that I do love Peeta. He complements me, he has tenacity like me, but he has the gift of melting my rage.


Best Ode to Seneca Crane’s Beard

Gamemaker by Alexandra Edwardson

My name is Seneca Crane. I have been the Head Gamemaker for four years now. I expect to do the same for a fifth. But with President Snow’s odd behavior towards me, I can’t be sure what’s in my future.

Which fandom should get a fan-fiction roundup next? Let us know in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Great Hunger Games Fan-Fiction

  1. I say Doctor Who should be next. True, we just had a contest on Doctor Who fanfics, but that’s no reason to avoid a fanfic round-up for it. *also kind of hoping to put own fanfic in the running* XD

  2. Avengers!!!!!! I LOVE THAT MOVIE!

    Um… Let’s see… You have Harry Potter… You have Doctor Who… You have Star Wars. Once you get the Avengers, my categories are covered! Oh… Spiderman?

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