Doctor Who Recap: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

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Want to remind yourself where we left off last week? Check out our most recent recap!

This week, Clara and the Doctor are discussing, yet again, why the TARDIS doesn’t like her. Suddenly, everything explodes. Clara grabs a piece of metal that burns her hand. The reason? A salvage ship spotted the TARDIS and is pulling it onboard.

The Doctor comes out and introduces himself to the salvage crew before realizing that Clara is trapped inside. Then, the Doctor does something crazy: he says he’ll give the salvage crew the remains of the TARDIS if they help him find Clara. To seal the deal, he sets the TARDIS to self-destruct if they don’t find Clara within half an hour.

doctor who, the doctor, season 7, episode 11, gregor, tricky, bram

As I wonder why the Doctor has become inexplicably insane, Clara wanders around the deserted TARDIS. It’s always cool to glimpse the inner workings of the spaceship, but you know what’s not cool? Red-eyed zombie monsters. There are creepy creatures aboard, and they’re chasing Clara.

Meanwhile, the two brothers on the salvage crew, Gregor and Bram, turn out to be major jerks who decide to strip the TARDIS for parts rather than help the Doctor. Gregor finds a room that contains living metal—technology that will build anything according to your needs. He can’t resist, and he takes some even though the Doctor warns him not to. Unsurprisingly, the TARDIS isn’t happy. It starts to create a labyrinth to trap them.

While all this is going on, Clara is chilling in the TARDIS library (cue book-nerd groans of envy) when one of the zombies appears. She’s able to run away, and thankfully ends up back in the console room—or what looks like the console room.

The Doctor and the others turn up in an echo room, a chamber designed to keep them safe. The Doctor figures out that Clara’s in another echo room, and she’s in trouble. Using some sonic screwdriver magic, he pulls her into his own echo room.

doctor who, the doctor, matt smith, episode 11, season 7, sonic screwdriver

Gregor and Tricky, the android, are like, “OK, can we go now?” and the Doctor reveals: There IS no self-destruct! They were safe the whole time! He was just being a total jerk to get the salvage crew’s help.

Unfortunately, the TARDIS’s engine is exploding, so this didn’t go quite according to plan. It’s time to go to the center of the TARDIS to fix the problem. On their way, they get attacked by zombies, and Clara’s like, “Seriously, why do you have these things onboard?” The Doctor reveals that these creatures are future versions of themselves. Basically, they’re going to die in a fiery explosion and turn into rock monsters. Awesome. Bram and Tricky get turned into zombies, and the Doctor and Clara flee.

They find the center of the TARDIS in mid-explosion. It seems like the ship’s gone for good.

But wait! Remember that piece of metal that burned Clara? Turns out, it had a message on it: “Big Friendly Button.” As in, a big friendly button that can stop the explosion. So the Doctor takes the button through a time rift, back to the moment of the crash. Past Doctor presses it, and poof! Everything’s back to normal! I’m a little fuzzy on the logic, but what matters is that nobody’s dead and the TARDIS is still intact. On to the next adventure!

clara oswald, jenna-louise coleman, doctor who, season 7, episode 11

Even if this episode got a bit confusing, it was still interesting. The salvage crew’s storyline was super cool, and it’s always fun to explore the TARDIS. Seriously, Clara got to hang out in the world’s most beautiful library ON BOARD THE TARDIS. We have never been more jealous of a fictional character.

3 thoughts on “Doctor Who Recap: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

  1. Yeah, usually the Doctor elaborates on all the timey-wimey stuff, so I was kinda confused and disappointed that he didn’t explain anything this time. I really have no idea what happened at the end. X^D But it was still a great episode! Nice recap, Eliza. :^D

    • So the TARDIS froze itself in the midst of it’s explosion (the heart of the TARDIS where everything was hanging in midair), but it was only a temporary fix, eventually she would have to allow the explosion to happen. Because she was exploding a rift in Time opened, which the Doctor took the ‘Big Friendly Button’ through to the moment when the TARDIS was initially caught in the beam (the button was a reset device, basically erasing the future from the moment it was pressed, i.e. the entire episode we just watched didn’t actually happen and no one involved remembers except for the Doctor because he’s the one who went through the rift and reset everything and he wanted to remember it). Did I cover everything?

  2. This episode was like a Sherlock Holmes movie/tv episode where Sherlock never bothered to explain how he reached his conclusions, if there had been a little more explanation it would have been pretty decent. As it stands it was a little annoying, below par of what I expected after the last two awesome episodes.

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