11 Reasons The Harry Potter Fandom Will Live Forever

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Harry Potter fans may never get another book. Harry Potter fans may never get another movie. But there are 11 reasons why the Goblet of Harry Potter Fire will never go out.

1. Once a Potter fan, always a Potter fan.

2. The Harry Potter series details several ways to extend your life expectancy.

2. There’s a Harry Potter musical, and a Harry Potter spoof play, and a Harry Potter puppet series, and an interactive website.

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4. Harry Potter’s legacy continues in hundreds of thousands of fan fictions.

5. The Harry Potter series is consistently ranked as the best-selling series of all time.

6. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is an actual place.

7. There’s a legion of people with Harry Potter tattoos to keep the spirit alive permanently.

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8. In 10 years, the franchise will definitely be rebooted. Maybe Daniel Radcliffe will play James Potter? I die.

9. Kids will have to explain to their peers why they’re named Albus, Fawkes, Severus, and Minerva.

10. Every July 31, we will celebrate Harry’s birthday.

11. We’re the fandom that LIVED not the fandom that DIED, DUH.

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33 thoughts on “11 Reasons The Harry Potter Fandom Will Live Forever

  1. “We’re the fandom that LIVED not the fandom that DIED, DUH.”

    Minor typo. ^^; Shouldn’t it be, “We’re the fandom that LIVED, not the fandom that DIED, DUH.” Well, that’s minimal – *coughs* I would personally do, “We’re the fandom that lived – not the fandom that died. Duh.”

      • how did he miss the humor, her comment was about the grammatical errors, not the humor, and her suggestive comment kept the humor

        • Um, because, who the heck cares about the stupid grammar? And I know, I’m usually the one annoyed by the unnecessary commas, and people saying “humbleness” (it’s humility stupid). But seriously. Harry Potter jokes, or minor grammar mistakes? No.

    • I’ve had sooo many pets and stuffed animals named after Harry Potter characters, I can’t even tell you all of them.

      PS-I REALLY want a guinea pig named Hagrid, because guinea pigs are like half-giant-hamsters, and Hagrid is a half-giant-human 😉

  2. I absolutely agree with all of these and if I was ever going to get a tattoo it’d probably have something connected to Harry Potter. I think my Gryffindor robes, bracelet, and THREE wands are evidence enough though. And I’m sure I’ll get more. THIS FANDOM WILL NEVER DIE.

  3. love the list, fearing the reboot. and don’t forget–we’ve also got a theme park!

    also you may have misnumbered. there’s an extra 2 where there should be a 3.

  4. Maybe when they redo the movies in quite a few years, they’ll bother to be a little bit closer to the books 😛

    But I’m pretty sure I’m naming my daughter Luna Minerva, so yeah this fandom isn’t dying anytime soon 😉

    • I know I HATE the movies! Jeez okay the first couple are close enough, but 4-6? Sucks!!
      And I have to admit Luna Minerva sounds pretty cool 🙂

  5. oh wait I take that back I just noticed you already said there’s an actual wizarding world and I am evidently blind

  6. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha


    Actually, I want to name one of my children Ron or Albus (the Ron one would pass because that’s my dad’s name o.0)

  7. ‘Tis true, all of them.
    Another good reason is that the many people in this fandom will pass the legacy on to their siblings, children, and friends.

  8. Omg I love this! Especially the references to A Very Potter Musical. Darren Criss is supermegafoxyawesomehot and our entire fandom is totally awesome! <3

  9. Let’s not forget that every person who read the series has at LEAST one character whom they can relate too. And the fact that the books had so many deaths, and all of them broke our hearts.

  10. I love 6, 9 and 10 the most even though they are all great. 6 because the best moment of my life happened there, 9 because I have already named my children in my head and 10 because… THATS MY BIRTHDAY TOOO!!!! Ok I’m done now

  11. We named our doggies after Dobby and Winky 🙂 The look on Dobby’s face when we read Deathly Hallows, or watch the movies…yeah. He’s such a sillybutt! (My Dobby the Dog 🙂 )

  12. Reason 12: we keep living vicariously through the younger generations when we educate them on the Glory that is the Harry Potter series, with books and the movies and everything in between.

    • Yes! I am sooo forcing all of my kids (in the future, jeez) to read them as many times as I did. (9, so far) 😛

  13. I love #’s 1, 10, and 11. And as for #9, I am SO naming my next cat Professor McGonagall. And if I get a dog, I’m naming him Sirius. xD

  14. OMG!!! AVPM references!!! YES!!!!!!!

    …btw, at least half of these pertain to me… not the tattoos though 😛

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