Your Ultimate Finals Playlist

With finals looming around the corner, you may be tempted to skip your assigned reading and check out a movie adaptation instead. But why waste time watching a movie when you can just listen to a song?! We’ve collected some songs inspired by classic literature to help you cram for your tests, or at least provide a soundtrack for your all-nighters!

So, plug in those head phones and get listening. Let us know if we missed any classics in the comments!

Literary Study Playlist

David Bowie–1984

Iron Maiden–Brave New World

Cream–Tales of Brave Ulysses
Is The Odyssey bringing you down? Never fear, Cream is here!

Emmylou Harris feat. Dave Matthews–My Antonia

Sufjan Stevens–A Good Man Is Hard to Find

Bruce Springsteen–The Ghost of Tom Joad
No one captures the heartbreak of The Grapes of Wrath better than the Boss.

Green Day–Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?
Holden Caulfield is teenage angst personified, so it seems appropriate for Green Day to have an anthem for the lead character of  The Catcher in the Rye.

Aimee Mann – Jacob Marley’s Chain

Tom Lehrer–Oedipus Rex

Lou Reed–Romeo Had Juliette
. . . for a little while at least . . .

Iron Maiden–Lord of the Flies

Titus Andronicus–Richard II Or Extraordinary Popular Dimensions And The Madness Of Crowds (Responsible Hate Anthem)
If you bothered to read the whole title of this song, you might as well just try reading the play.

Image: Old Mix Tape by napzter

3 thoughts on “Your Ultimate Finals Playlist

  1. Meg and Dia’s song “Indiana” which was inspired by George Sand’s novel ‘Indiana’.

    Mg and Dia’s “Monster” is about “East of Eden” by John Steinveck.

    Meg and Dia’s “Rebecca is about the novel “Rebecca” by Daphne Du Maurier.

    I like Meg and Dia. They are an awesome band and write lots of songs inspired by literature.

    ~Kyla Marie Rich : )

  2. Blind Guardian has what I’m pretty sure is a whole album dedicated to Lord of the Ring: Nightfall in Middle Earth.

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