Enter the Blood of Eden Sweepstakes!

The Eternity Cure by Julie KagawaThe world that Allison Sekemoto lives in is dangerous and bleak. Vampires rule. Humans are merely blood cattle. Deadly rabids are a menace to everyone. And now a new strain of the Red Lung Virus—once responsible for wiping out most of humanity—is threatening both vampires and humans.

Allie is a vampire, but as she comes to understand her immortality, she realizes she isn’t invincible. Cast out of Eden, separated from the boy she loves, she begins an arduous journey to find Kanin, her mentor and sire, and save him from the psychotic vampire, Sarren.

Are you dying to get your hands on a copy of The Eternity Cure, the newest book in Julie Kagawa’s Blood of Eden series? Lucky for you, Figment is giving away 10 copies—along with 10 copies of the first book in the series, The Immortal Rules.

You have until Wednesday, May 15 at 11:59 p.m. ET to enter the sweepstakes. Ten winners will be chosen at random to receive copies of The Immortal Rules and The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa. Read the full raffle rules here.

10 thoughts on “Enter the Blood of Eden Sweepstakes!

  1. This page says the winners will receive both The Immortal Rules and The Eternity Cure, but the full raffle rules say the winners will receive only The Eternity Cure? Which one is true?

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