Vampire Diaries Recap: She’s Come Undone

You guys, I had a chance to meet Candice Accola on Thursday and I missed it. She was within like, 20 feet of me, but I didn’t realize it until it was too late. Needless to say, I am devastated. So so devastated. Like, I don’t know how I’ll recover. This is NOT A JOKE! But, on the reals, the actual reason this is late is because I got a computer headache from starring at the screen all day. Nothing makes me more bored than talk of “how technology is destroying us,” but for real, we have no idea the side effects that working at computers for 8-10 hours a day, every day, will have on our brains. With that, lets begin:

Vampire Diaries Recap

Elena’s walking on the school grounds. Caroline tells her that she’s valedictorian (of course), but alas, it’s all in her head. Damon’s trying to convince her that she wants to be at school, celebrating graduation with her friends. She’s having none of it. No worries, all they have is time.

Caroline comes over to Salvatore Mansion and wants to see Elena. Really, she slips her a vile of blood and says she doesn’t like what the boys are doing. Elena continues to be the WORST to Caroline, telling her Tyler probably left because she’s too clingy, Klaus because she’s a tease, and also her mom hates her. So, when Elena finally jumps up to try to kill Caroline, Caroline quickly snaps her neck. The boys can do whatever they want to Elena at this point. So . . . they let her burn (in the sunlight)!

Vampire Diaries Recap

Caroline calls Bonnie, who’s meeting with Katherine on the sly. She wants Silas’ tombstone! She’s going to bring the veil down. Wait, what? When can I go back to ignoring her as a character?

Vampire Diaries Recap

Damon extinguishes Elena, happy he can make her feel rage. Which, is an emotion right? But also, she’s still has no emotion, so I’m not really sure what turning it on actually involves. She’s still being sassy, so they burn her again. Again, all they have is time.

Vampire Diaries Recap

Caroline wants Matt to distract her from the sound of Elena’s torture, but she doesn’t need him to for long, because Rebekah shows up at Salvatore Mansion with burgers for Matt. So that’s enough to make Caroline distracted/annoyed. Rebekah says she wants to help Matt study so he doesn’t fail his classes (oh yeah, he told her that earlier). This prompts Caroline to freak out! Matt might not graduate! Rebekah says “All hands on deck’’ is basically their motto. Caroline says they don’t have a motto, but really if they did it would be “protect Elena at all costs.” Caroline goes to grab flashcards and energy bars. They’ll make sure Matt doesn’t fail.

Matt and Rebekah get to talking and Rebekah says she can basically compel his teachers to give him the grades he wants. Um . . . what a moral dilemma. But he says no and so they decide to just study real hard (we’ll see if that works out).

Elena calls the boys’ bluff and pulls down the curtains, allowing herself to fully burn (flames and all). They trample the fire and she tells them she still has the advantage over them.

Vampire Diaries Recap

Caroline senses someone is behind her when she goes to her car. Oh look, it’s Klaus. Except wait, that makes no sense, CAROLINE! He talks to her about coming to New Orleans, then quickly lets it slip that he’s Silas. You’d really think he’d be better about not saying things he (as whoever he’s being) shouldn’t know. Guess he doesn’t really care. He tells Caroline to find him Bonnie. Where she at? Then he stabs her. MY HEART!

Damon is UPSET that Elena won’t turn her emotions back on, so the boys device a plan. They’ll never hurt Elena, but they do know someone who hates her! In comes Katherine, and Matt is not happy about it. Also, why would they trust Katherine alone with Elena? Of course she’d do something dumb. And like, she could have killed Elena and gotten away with it, pretty easily, right? But what she does instead is let Elena go.

Meanwhile, Caroline comes back to the house and runs into Matt, no wait it’s Silas. Then she sees Klaus, obviously JK again, it’s Silas. THE AWARD FOR BEST USE OF A CAR SYSTEM I FOR SURE THOUGHT ONLY THE PEOPLE IN COMMERCIALS HAD: goes to Caroline using that back camera car thing (for parallel parking) to see Silas. She calls her mom and smartly tells her to go home, lock the doors, let no one in, even her.

When Caroline gets home she sees her mom in the house, but is super worried it is Silas. She calls her mom’s cell phone and hooray, her mom has it on her. So . . . at this point I was like 92% sure that was her real mom. And it was. But then in the next scene with them, Bonnie knocks on the door and Caroline goes to answer it. She asks Bonnie how she should know that it’s her. Bonnie says it is, but then when Caroline’s “mom” comes around the corner, it’s actually Silas and Bonnie sees him in a black robe. This part was legitimately terrifying and it didn’t help that I was watching this home, alone, at night. Caroline asks where her mom is and Silas tells her right where she left her. Well actually, she was on the floor. As Caroline desperately tried to resuscitate her mom, Silas makes Bonnie promise to help him.

Elena runs into the woods and pretends to be someone dying on the side of the road. Except, the person who picks her up in a car is Matt and she quickly bites him. Stefan grabs her before she goes to bite again, but she’s still hungry. Finally, Damon has had enough. He tells Elena that maybe they can’t hurt her, but they have no problem killing people she used to love. He grabs Matt like he’ll snap his neck. Elena calls his bluff, but it was NOT a bluff. He snaps Matt’s neck and Elena screams in horror. She starts crying, Damon reminds Elena of when Matt was a kid. He just, really gets to her. Then he says that it’s a good thing that Matt had his ring on.

Vampire Diaries Recap

So, Elena feels relieved and most importantly, Elena feels something. She gasps, it all comes back at once and she remembers the waitress she killed, how mean she was to everyone. Nina Dobrev acts amazingly well in this scene, she’s legitimately going through a whirlwind of emotions. Stefan tells her to focus on one thing, one emotion, and she does and holds it.

Vampire Diaries Recap

Caroline also has a heartbreaking scene that it hurts to talk about too much, but basically she thinks her mom is dying, tries injecting her with her own curative vampire blood and it seems like nothing will work. She says that her mom needs to see her graduate and I was crying like I’ve never cried at this show before. But, thankfully, her mom does wake up and everything is fine.

Except, not really. Because Bonnie is meeting with Katherine again to get the tombstone. She needs it to break down the veil between the two worlds and when she does she says she can make Katherine immortal and unable to die. Um, why does she think she’d be on that witch’s good side after she legitimately ruined her plan to torture Silas. That is for another episode.

Anyway, Elena’s back, and . . . she is vowing to kill Katherine. See, the one thing she focused on was her hatred of Katherine, which Damon points out isn’t really what he thinks Stefan was talking about. I’m excited, because another thing I noticed during this episode is how great Nina Dobrev was at differentiating between Mean Girl Elena and Katherine. Basically, she’s played separate characters on the same show for so long, she’s a pro at it by now.

What did everyone else think?

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