Enter to Win . . . So Many Fun Prizes

We’ve got some AMAZING sweepstakes going on around Figment right now. If you won all of them you would end up with 9 books and a feather boa. We’re pretty sure the books would like to wear the feather boa. But you can’t see that in real life unless you enter the sweeps:

arrow#I Read YA Sweepstakes: Enter to win one of three prize packs of seven Scholastic YA books and a nifty tote bag.

arrowThe Loop Game and Giveaway: Whether or not you can survive the Loop, you can still enter to win a copy of the new book by Shandy Lawson.

arrowThe Blood of Eden Sweepstakes: Enter to win the first two books in Julie Kagawa’s dystopian vampire series.

arrowFigment’s Vintage Prom Giveaway: Twelve lucky winners will each receive a feather boa and sparkly headband.

Don’t miss your chance to enter!

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