District 12 Ice Cream Flavors

Hunger Games title treatment

It’s almost summertime! But let’s be honest: the “summertime” thesaurus entry should include “ice cream-time” as a synonym. And while we’re sending off requests into the universe, why not combine one favorite thing (ice cream) with another favorite thing (The Hunger Games)? And yes, I do realize a HUNGER Games-themed food item is paradoxical. Here are some suggestions for pre-destruction District 12-themed ice cream flavors. Eat your heart out, Ben & Jerry’s.

bowl of ice cream

Cho-coal-ate Chip

Chocolate ice cream with pieces of coal. It would taste like a day down in the mines, minus the danger of being crushed. However, it would still promise the risk of black lung (there would be a thick layer of coal dust in every pint)!

Greasy Sae Soup

Every batch would be entirely different! Simply depends on what (food, bugs, or otherwise) are handy at the ice cream factory. The ingredients would be blended together and then BAM! You have Greasy Sae Soup Ice Cream.

Bread Pudding & Coffee

Peeta, The Hunger Games

Bread is a delicacy in District 12, and this ice cream would honor that. Leftover French bread made into bread pudding, which would then be mixed into coffee ice cream. The unlisted ingredient would be “rich guilt.” You would feel ashamed every time you eat it because it would taste like wealth.

Prim’s Praline

Goat milk custard with pieces of almond praline cookies. It’d be so sweet, just like Primrose Everdeen!

Squirrel Blood Orange Sherbert

Okay, there aren’t oranges in District 12. BUT! There are squirrels. Think about how well the citrus would complement the squirrel pieces! It’d be a savory, yet refreshing summery dessert.

Haymitch’s Butter Rum

Haymitch and Katniss, The Hunger Games

In honor of one of District 12’s victors, a butter rum ice cream with butterscotch candies mixed in. Haymitch would probably suggest pouring an ice cream pint’s worth of liquor into the container, but that would be a disaster. Compromise is key.

Electric Vanilla

Oh, you think it’s just a safe vanilla ice cream?  Welp, this ice cream would be inspired by the fence. When the fence was fired up 24/7. Vanilla bean loaded up with Pop Rocks candy! It wouldn’t taste great, but it’d totally shock you.

Wildflower Salad

For the health-conscious dessert consumer. The ice cream base would vary, and the greens would be a mix of wildflowers, primroses, dandelions, and other plants found in District 12. However, if a rose ended up in a batch, that ice cream would be as good as ruined.

Katniss’ Kill

The container of mint chocolate chip ice cream would be strapped to the back of an animatronic rabbit. You would have to chase down the robo-rabbit in order to get the ice cream. And once the hunt is over, you’d totally feel like you deserve to eat the entire pint.



Hunger Games title treatment courtesy of Lions Gate Entertainment, Inc. Ice cream photo by St0rmz. Peeta Melark photo by Murray Close for Lions Gate Entertainment, Inc. Effie, Haymitch, and Katniss photo by Murray Close for Lions Gate Entertainment, Inc. Katniss photo by Murray Close for Lions Gate Entertainment, Inc.

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  1. I should have a THG-themed ice-cream party and make Prim’s Praline, Haymitch’s Butter Rum and Electric Vanilla!

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