TV Shows to Netflix This Summer

Cat watching TVWhen you aren’t busy with summer school, swimming, family vacations, camp, or hanging out with friends, why not relax with the ol’ picture box? I love a good rerun (looking at you, noontime Full House episodes), but it’s never not beneficial to expand your pop culture database. Here are some TV shows to check out on Netflix:

Twin Peaks

Equal parts spooky and hilarious, this is a must for fans of Pretty Little Liars. It’s a funnier AND freakier PLL. There are some really unsettling moments, which is to be expected with David Lynch. It manages to teleport you to its universe better than any other series. Before you know it, you’ll be going to the nearest lumberyard to ask a log for psychic advice. Hey, it’s cheaper than visiting a tarot card reader!

 Bob’s Burgers

Bob's BurgersOne of the best cartoons currently on television. The premise: A family owns and runs a burger joint, hilarity ensues. Check it out from the beginning. The show only gets better and better. I’m not a gambling lady, but I’d throw down $5 saying you’ll be obsessed with Tina Belcher immediately.

 Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and GeeksPaul Feig created this short-lived masterpiece, and it is one of the more genuine portrayals of high school life. (It may take place in the eighties, but the drama and laughs transcend time.) Oh, the cast is bonkers good. The show stars young James Franco, young Seth Rogen, young Linda Cardellini, young Jason Segel, young Busy Philipps and young others.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire SlayerOkay, this series is a doozy. But it is so, so good. If you haven’t already, make it your goal to watch it in its entirety this summer. It is Joss Whedon at his very best, and he did an incredible job juxtaposing the supernatural with the very, very real. The series will scare you, make you cry, make you laugh, and continue to one-up itself with its cleverness. I’ll say it: It’s a perfect show.


PortlandiaA sketch comedy show centered around the absurdities of Portland, Oregon. You think, “okay…how many jokes about locally-grown kale can you make?” And the answer is, “according to Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, an infinite amount.” All right, there aren’t just a bunch of kale-centered jokes. And the jokes aren’t always Portland-specific. But they’re always amazing. It’s one of the more bizarre-in-the-best-way shows on TV, and definitely worth checking out.


DinosaursWhoever said “Let’s make a bunch of human-like dinosaur puppets and develop a family sitcom around them” was a genius. And that genius was Jim Henson, who came up with the idea before he passed away. Yes, the show is old, but so is Citizen Kane and people still revere that movie. Did I just propose that Dinosaurs is the television equivalent of Citizen Kane? Maybe. The Sinclair family deals with work, school and navigating relationships. Dinosaurs! They’re just like us.

YAY TELEVISION! Now that you have some wonderful, binge-worthy TV shows lined up for the summer, it’s important to remember to pause the program to eat, use the restroom, shower, talk to other humans, et cetera. It’s fun to get really caught up in a series, but don’t stop being a real person.

Cat image by cloudzillaTwin Peaks by believekevinFreaks and Geeks image by pop culture geekPortlandia image by webvisionsevent, Dinosaurs image by DanCentury

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  1. Twin Peaks, Bob’s Burgers, and Portlandia are amazing. I haven’t seen the others, but I’ve heard my friends rave about them.

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