Adventurous Lord of the Rings Fan-Fiction

The Lord of the RingsWe’ve already done round-ups of great Hunger Games and magical Harry Potter fan fiction, so we decided to go a little old-school and share some excellent Lord of the Rings-inspired stories. Just because Gandalf is a little (a lot) older, doesn’t mean he can’t learn some new tricks!

Check out our picks below, and let us know what fan-fiction you’d like to see next!


Funniest Taylor Swift-LOTR Crossover

Fellowship: Never Getting Back Together by ♫Hannah Fletcher (Austria)✞

Niffy: Ooh, Gimili called me up again tonight
Gandalf: But ooh, this time Gandalf’s telling him, he’s telling him.
All: The Fellowship is never ever ever getting back together,
All: The Fellowship is never ever ever getting back together,
Basi: You go talk to Gimili, talk to Aragron, talk to Frodo (Pippin: Yeah Frodo)

Best Redemption Story

Fellowship: Boromir’s Story by Eruantien Nénharma

Boromir was uncertain whether it was the firelight or the noise that woke him. Perhaps it had been both. Whatever the case, he found himself gradually awakening until he was fully alert and wishing that he had been able to remain unconscious. His whole body ached. It felt as though someone had lit a fire inside of his head. His hand—the one that the Orc had injured—was throbbing. The poison…is already coursing through…my blood… Boromir thought dimly, opening his eyes. He closed them again a moment later. There was a real fire burning somewhere near him, and it hurt his eyes. He could not feel the heat, so he assumed that it was, at the very least, a few yards away.

Best Introduction for Newbies

Lord of the Rings in Layman’s Terms by Katelynn Stormjay

First, there was this really creepy guy named Sauron who had issues. He made this ring that was really powerful and stuff. He wanted to take over this place called Middle-Earth, but everyone else didn’t like him so they joined together and fought him.

Best Original Adventure

Gone to Gondor – Be Back Soon by S. E. Spradlin 龙思文

I shook my head. “Not idly do the leaves of Lorien fall. Only few men can walk among the trees of Lothlorien. I’ll warrant this stranger didn’t come here by chance. Maybe we are meant to follow. This is everything I’ve always dreamed of… a noble quest to do something great against evil!”

What do you think? What fan fiction would you like to see next?

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  1. How is LotR old-school?!? Classics are greater than current popular YA because they withstand the test of time!

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