Doctor Who Recap: Nightmare in Silver

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This week, the Doctor’s taking the kids Clara nannies for to the best amusement park EVER. Or, what used to be the best amusement park ever. Turns out, it’s kind of in ruins, it’s being guarded by the imperial army, and the guy who runs it (Mr. Webley) is the only civilian left on the planet. Mr. Webley shows them some of the wonders from around the galaxy, including a Cyberman. (DUN DUN DUUUUUN)

Now, this Cyberman’s not actually functioning. It beats Artie in chess, but that’s because Professor Flitwick a guy called Porridge is manning the controls. Still, there’s some weird stuff going on, and the Doctor wants to know more.

He and Clara go to investigate, telling the kids not to wander off (since when has that ever worked?). Angie’s being kind of a brat, so she goes off in search of something to do, leaving Artie alone to get attacked by a Cyberman, which (surprise!) is actually still alive.

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The Cybermen end up taking both of the kids. Clara is understandably horrified, so the Doctor leaves her in charge of the army while he goes to find them. It turns out that Mr. Webley is actually being controlled by the Cybermen. He explains that they needed children in order to regenerate their species, but now that the Doctor’s here, they can just use him. His brain’s much more interesting than a kid’s.

The Doctor gets taken over by a Cyberman, but he’s still partially in control. So he starts a game of chess with himself in order to decide who gets control over the remaining portion of his brain. Seems like the best course of action.

nightmare in silver, cybermen, season 7, episode 13, doctor who

Meanwhile, Clara’s struggling. The army has been trained to blow up the planet immediately if they find a Cyberman, no matter who’s on it. And they have pretty limited cyber-fighting weapons. Still, they manage to hold out while the Doctor continues to play board games. The Doctor makes a deal: he’ll let the Cyberman win if he just lets the kids go.

An army of Cybermen is closing in, though, and things are looking pretty bleak. The Doctor zaps the Cyberman controlling him and manages to free himself, saving Artie and Angie, too. Which is awesome, but there’s still about a zillion Cybermen trying to kill them.

But surprise! It turns out that Porridge is actually the emperor, and he has the power to blow up the planet and transport all the innocent people into his personal spaceship. So he does that, and everyone’s safe! Which begs the question, why didn’t he do that, like, immediately? The emperor’s kind of a jerk.

nightmare in silver, doctor who, matt smith, warwick davis

That’s it for this week! Next episode is the season finale, and it looks like we’ll finally find out what Clara’s deal is. We can’t wait!

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