The Vampire Diaries Recap: Graduation

OMG! OMG! OMG! Ok, so the person who ended up taking the cure was lame. We waited a whole season for that? I thought. But the episode was so incredible that I’ll let it slide. But, that ending . . . That ending! Terrific!

We start at a stadium, prepped for graduation. Kol is there, telling all the dead people who have risen that it’s time to be the big bads we all know they can be. Warning: Nothing really comes of this.

“You Give Love a Bad Name” starts to play, Lexi dancing around, Stefan drinking heavily. Damon comes in to remind Stefan that the only reason Lexi is still there is because someone never finished putting the veil up.

Bonnie, still dead, hit a snag, dying, and needs to wait to the full moon to be strong enough to save Mystic Falls from all those bad undead guys. Bonnie tells Caroline they should probably just cancel graduation, which, you know, obviously causes Caroline to just totally flip out. They can’t. They need to be together on this special day. Ok, guys, and this is for real when I just started crying. Because having Bonnie just die would have been sad and fine, but having Bonnie know that she’s dead and a ghost while everyone thinks that she’s just her old self is heartbreaking.

We get an amazing moment with Jeremy, Alaric, and Elena being the adorable family we remember, before hunter Connor calls her up and is all “I’m gonna kill everyone unless you get me that cure.” One thing: In this scene Jeremy says “no tears” and later he says “we said no tears,” which, you know, way to not remember what happened. While Connor is calling Elena, Hunter Vaughn shows up and shoots Damon with some hunter bullets. Stefan eventually pulls out his heart. He can’t let his brother get worked.

Alaric has an adorable moment when he tells Connor that he’s the guy responsible for the 18-year-old Connor was threatening—and even though everyone is always protecting Elena, it’s great to see someone protecting her in a parental way. Connor is wearing explosives (theme of this episode with the hunters), but Alaric pushes him away in time.

Rebekah and Matt are trapped with Alexander, Matt on an device wired to explode if he moves (Seriously, what is it with these hunters with explosives?). Rebekah starts talking about how her and Matt are going to travel the world. It gets Alexander a little pissed and he throws something at Matt, knocking him off balance. Well, in the end Rebekah saves Matt. Then, in the very end, they decide to go travelling the world. So, at least someone got a happy ending.

Katherine goes to talk at Bonnie at graduation and says that basically, she’s gonna kill Elena if she can’t be immortal. Then Bonnie, like, always forgets about it.

At Salvatore Mansion, Damon gives Elena a very special graduation gift: the cure.  Of course Elena wants to take it, but . . . well the Hunters aren’t going to stop until they get the cure for Qetsiyah. So, her being a good person again, she has a dilemma.

But the other dilemma: Damon winces and we realize that the bullets that hit him were laced with werewolf blood. So, he’s dying. Unless—— he’s a human and then the blood won’t affect him. WHAT TO DO!?!

Well, Damon doesn’t want to be human. He doesn’t want to so badly that he takes the cure, gives it to Hunter Vaughn, and tells him he’ll take him to Silas. While this is going on with Elena and Damon, Stefan’s saying he’ll probably bounce if Elena picks Damon.

Damon takes Hunter Vaughn to a waterfall. That’s where he dumped Silas, apparently. I mean, a real ocean wasn’t worth it? This guy is immortal after all! Oh . . . we learn from Stefan that Damon is just stalling. He didn’t have time to bury Silas yet. Once again, this guy is IMMORTAL!

So, eventually the whole gang gets to graduation! They all made it. They can go to whatever college they want and get a triple room (Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline). Life is starting for them! Bonnie’s dad announces all the graduates and cheers Bonnie particularly. Crying again, crying forever. Darn this finale!

Oh, and then Kol pops up and says that there are a ton of supernatural faces there and they want to stay on earth. Bonnie takes Kol to her dead body and says that of she wants the same thing he wants. She doesn’t want to die, she wants to live with her friends. Wait, JK, she’s just tricking him and trapping him. Hooray!

Kol realizes that Damon is lying, and dying, and starts to shoot him again, basically almost dead. Then, slam, Alaric comes, throws the hunter into the waterfall. Also, no worries, he grabbed the cure too.

One thing I’ll say is that I love that the graduation is still going on at this point. Truth Vampire Diaries, graduation takes forever.

Alaric calls up Elena, he basically needs to force feed this cure down Damon’s throat to save him now. So much time is left that it’s super clear that Damon isn’t going to have to take the cure. But how? Well, after a graduation a witch makes all of the vampire’s heads ache, and then, bam, her head is cut off and on the ground. Who did it? Well, it’s the person Caroline’s been calling all episode: KLAUS!!!!!

So Damon’s totally fine, because Klaus can just cure him. Elena smacks Damon and then asks Stefan if they can talk. Again, you’re like “Hm . . . maybe she’ll tell him she loves him.” But no, what actually happens is she gives him the cure, telling him he’s the only worse vampire than her. ROUGH!!!

My second favorite scene of this episode: Caroline and Klaus are talking after the graduation and he says he had to come, he got her announcement. Oh CAROLINE, you are a crazy crazy chick and I love you. He wanted to invite her to New Orleans, but in the end he decided to give her something she can actually appreciate. He sets Tyler free. I DIE!!! It’s the cutest and sweetest. He say, “He’s your first love. I intend to be your last. However long it takes.” So romantic!

Oh man, and then there’s this scene between Damon and Elena that I can explain without music just like blaring! But basically, Damon says that he’s the selfish guy and isn’t right for her. Elena says it might be a mistake but she’s totally in love with Damon. It’s very romantic, Delena will be happy this couple gets their love without an asterisk. But . . . Stefan hears the whole thing and realizes he has to go away. No excuses, he packs his car to bury Silas and tells Damon that he’s not not happy for him. It’s the fairest thing he can say.

Onto Bonnie’s emotional goodbye. She starts to put the veil up and everyone’s friends leave. Jeremy is with her, watching her, but doesn’t disappear right away, even though we see Lexi and Alaric gone. He goes to kiss Bonnie and it’s passionate and powerful. He starts to breathe. HE’S ALIVE. IT WORKED! Overjoyed, he goes to kiss her, but he can’t feel her hands. She’s still dead. She tells him to tell Elena and Caroline she went away for the summer. They’re all happy for once and don’t deserve to have that taken away. So, get ready for that terrible scene next season, where they find out she’s gone.

There were a lot of misdirects this show and in this episode there is a great scene where Elena goes to find Jeremy, then runs into Kol’s small trap. You think they’re going to have a huge fight, but he disappears instantly. But . . . then Katherine shows up. Remember how it has been super long since she said she was going to kill Elena and no one remembers. Well, they have an epic fight. It looks like Katherine is going to kill Elena. She’s got a broom digging into her heart. Flashback, to the scene where Elena gave Stefan the cure to take. Except, he didn’t want it, he wants her to always have a choice. So she chooses, to live on as a vampire and GIVE KATHERINE THE CURE.

Lame, lame, lame, lame, lame, lame. And boring. So boring. However, I am PYSCHED for what happened next, so I’ll allow it. Stefan goes to bury Silas by himself. But, what he finds is broken rock, not the body he expected. Silas, as Elena shows himself to him. After Bonnie died, he was free. Also, TWIST, he admits to being the one who made himself immortal. So… they’re gonna have to explain that better next season. The universe needed a balance (I was squealing at this point, totally knowing what was coming) so it created a doppelgänger of Silas, a person who could die.  Stefan thinks it’s just another one of the Gilbert lookalikes, but BIG REVEAL, Silas actually looks exactly like him. AMAZING! He asks Stefan if he has any idea what it feels like to starve for 2,000 years, stabs him, then locks him in a safe and pushes him into the water. The safe starts to fill with water. Silas is free. END OF SEASON. AMAZING!


It’s been fun recapping with you! Hope you enjoyed it!

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4 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries Recap: Graduation

  1. Seriously amazing ending! Next season should be VERY interesting! I thought it poetic that Katherine got the cure since all she ever wanted was immortality. I’m a Delena/Stelena flip-flopper, but I really didn’t like the Delena scene. Once they kissed I realized how over them I am. I LOVED the Klaus-Caroline scene! I can’t wait to watch that relationship unfold!

  2. * BOO Bonnie dying, very very sad, but so friggin’ happy that Jeremy is alive. Kind of (but still not quite) makes it worth it.
    * YEAY Damon & Elena
    * BOO Caroline & Tyler (should be Caroline & Klaus)
    * YEAY Rebekah & Matt (have been waiting for that forever)
    * BOO that Alaric & Lexi had to go back. I miss Ric 🙁
    * BOO that Katherine was forced the cure. WHAT A WASTE. Poor Elijah
    * BOO Silas as Stefan… I do not like that idea

    And a final BOOOO that the season is over. I hope the Originals starts soon to make up for it!

  3. Sarah, where are the Fall 2013 season recaps? We’re two episodes in and I can find them anywhere. I hope you continue recapping because I love reading them!

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