Summer Wardrobe Must-Haves

Shorts, tank tops and flip flops are so predictable. If you want to stand out this summer, wear one/all of the following:

Crop a Slanket

Hem a Snuggie/Slanket into a shirt-length top. It’ll be a comfy, fleece mini-poncho for cooler summer nights. You can wear it either frontwards or backwards (so versatile!) and secure it with a safety pin. It’ll be one-of-a-kind!

Denim for Swimming!

Make “denim” shorts out of swimsuit material. They should look exactly like real jean shorts (pockets, stitching, belt loops and so on) with the added perk of being waterproof. So if you and your friends spontaneously jump into a pool or run through sprinklers, you won’t be weighed down by damp denim! And everyone knows the only thing worse than sopping wet jeans is a water-filled tennis shoe. Never swim in your Nikes.

Keep it Breezy

Attach handheld battery-operated fans to the sides of a sun hat. Be sure to angle the fans toward your face. It’s your very own wind machine! You’ll feel like a diva. Or a wizard.  Always keep extra batteries on your person. It would be so embarrassing if your fan hat ceased to function.

Cool Shirt, Buddy

Stitch pockets inside your shirts to hold ice packs. Yeah, your top half will look uneven and lumpy, but you’ll feel literally too cool to care. If you’re in a rush, super glue the ice packs to the inside of your shirt. It’s crucial to wait for the glue to dry before you wear the shirt. Unless you want ice packs stuck to your skin indefinitely.

Right to Cold Arms

Put a pair of elbow-length gloves in the freezer overnight. Wear them the next day until they lose their cool (I couldn’t help it). They may be uncomfortable and stiff at first, but the fancy gloves will totally gussy up any outfit. You’ll be so demure. And you won’t have sweaty hands!

Sun Safety Belt

Get a tool belt and fill the pouches with lip balms, sunscreens (the traditional kind, the for the face kind and the spray kind) and aloe vera gels. You will be prepared for any extended sun exposure. “I can put that stuff in my purse/backpack” you say. Uh, yeah. But don’t you want to prevent getting sunscreen all over your cell phone? Wear it in lieu of a normal belt, because if you wore both, you’d look ridiculous.

Sandal Savers

Fashion removable mini-covers for your flip flops. Glue velcro strips to pieces of breathable canvas and the straps of your sandals. That way, whenever you’re outside for an extended amount of time but concerned about getting a painful flip flop sunburn, you can cover up your feet! Convertible sandals will change your life.


Sunglasses by Michele Laterza; Snuggie for dogs by Howard O. Young; hand-held fan by Djenan; Victorian gloves by Mary Harrsch; Nemo flip-flops by micah luk.

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