Peer Pressure: Get Excited for the Return of Whose Line is it Anyway

Whose Line is it Anyway?In less than 2 months, the world will be a better place; Whose Line Is it Anyway? will return to television! The US spin-off ran from 1998 to 2007 and will start up again July 16 on the CW. If you’re a choir member to whom I am preaching, then wait for my virtual high-five. But if you aren’t amped for the show, please consider the following appeal.

Improv is Absurd/Awesome!

What part of “a group of adults playing ridiculous games and making up stuff as they go” doesn’t sound like solid entertainment? Every cast member is an incredibly smart and committed improviser. It’s so cliched to say, but they make short-form improv look terribly easy. Nope! They’re just outstanding at what they do.

Aisha Tyler is the New Host!

Aisha Tyler

Photo by Gamescore

Initially, I was bummed that Drew Carey couldn’t host the reboot. However, I stopped writing angry letters once I heard that the brilliant and witty Aisha Tyler will sit behind the Whose Line? desk. Lana Kane will be hosting an improv show. I’m nerding out, but I am so stoked that Tyler will be the new Drew.

 The Rest of the Cast Will Return!

Photo courtesy of the CW.

Quick rundown: the show has three resident cast members and a fourth slot reserved for a guest improviser. Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, and Wayne Brady will reprise their roles as the show’s main improvisers. This is not a good thing. This is the best thing. If these names mean nothing to you, devote the next few hours to YouTube clips and get learning.

…And Here Are Some Clips To Get You Started!

This is the best kind of chaos.


We learn the very valuable lesson to never break character even when we break glass with our head.


A super-cut of one episode. To everyone’s delight, Mochrie can’t stop meowing.


I have no words. Just know that I love it.


via Dellbbyy.

4 thoughts on “Peer Pressure: Get Excited for the Return of Whose Line is it Anyway

  1. OHMIGOD, FIGMENT, YUU HAVE JUST MADE MY LIFE! MY LIFE IS COMPLETE. I had no idea they were rebooting it! -girlish squeals-

  2. OH…my gosh. NO WAAAAY!!! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Life=complete. Whose Line is back! Alert the presses!

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