How to Be a More Considerate Facebooker

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It’s web-tiquette time! If you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably created a bunch of unspoken rules in your mind (“Don’t write anything that would embarrass my family,” “Don’t be an evil monster,” “Block anyone who posts a duck face selfie.”) to keep the chaos down to a minimum. The site can feel like the Wild West! To create a little more order, how about we adhere to the following informal guidelines?


Avoid Leaving “Like” as a Comment

We’ve all received the “New Comment” Facebook notification only to find someone left the following well-crafted comment: “Like.” Did the “Like” button not cut the mustard? This comment is a waste of precious e-space! Sure, the intention of the commenter is innocent enough, but it’s never not frustrating to think, “Hey, someone posted something new and exciting as a response to my Facebook status! Can’t wait to read it!” and get slapped in the face with “Like”.

Don’t Over-share

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I know so much about this one Facebook friend I haven’t seen in YEARS. She updates her status at least 15 times a day, and each status is more personal and cringe-worthy than the next. Sure, it’s okay to keep it real on the ol’ book o’ faces, but don’t be an emotional minefield. For example:

Not Too Personal:  AH! I’m so excited for The Voice tonight! CAKE TIME!

Way Too Personal: The Voice is on tonight, and I don’t know if you know this, but           this was my ex’s favorite show and I’m probably going to spend the night crying. I’m going to eat an entire chocolate cake and feel terrible about it. I rarely pay attention anyway, because it’s too hard for me to acknowledge that I’ll never be a famous singer. I hope my friends call me this weekend. But they probably won’t.

There’s a clear difference, folks.


No Gruesome Pictures, Please!

My iPad has been victim to dozens of near-drops due to gory photos of wounds and injuries posted on Facebook. I don’t have a strong enough constitution to handle those images. Admittedly, I’m easily grossed out, but that doesn’t give you the excuse to force a pic of your fresh stitches on your e-friends’ timelines. If someone wants to see that picture, you can show them on an individual basis. Unless you want me to post a photo of barf on your wall.


Don’t Automatically Invite Your

Entire Friends List to All of Your Events

“Oh wow! So-and-so invited me to birthday party!  How awesome and thoughtful and — Oh. Oh I see. He invited everyone on his friends list. All 1,249 people. Even people who live across the country.  And our science teacher.  Well, don’t I feel special.”

Not suggesting exclusivity, but just be aware of how spammy a mass invite appears. If you want people to show up to your party/fundraiser/club meeting, you’ve got to make it obvious to the invitee that her inclusion wasn’t spam invite collateral damage.


Stop the Bragging

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Your friends are always happy for you and your accomplishments. They are. That’s why they’re your friends. But you test their limits every single time you post a “I got a 5 on yet another AP exam? This is crazy because I don’t even study!” status. Of course, there are awesome life moments worth being excited about. Reserve those boast-y posts for really special things so that people are genuinely excited for you.  Otherwise, you’re going to inspire a lot of voodoo dolls.

11 thoughts on “How to Be a More Considerate Facebooker

  1. Hmmm…leaving “like” as a comment is really similar to only leaving a “heart” as a comment…

  2. The one about gruesome pictures really got me! I have a bunch of friends who are ALWAYS doing stupid stuff and then posting pics of the damage. It seriously makes me wanna hurl sometimes. >.> In 80’s vernacular: GAG ME WITH A SPOON! (But it’s really more like a SPORK…)

  3. On the gruesome pictures thing at first I thought they meant that the cat was one of those pictures…..0.o

  4. Wheres “Don’t be a like-whore”? It really frustrates me to see stuff like “Like if you love your mom, keep scrolling if you don’t have a heart.” Seriously. All they care about is “likes”. Also, some moms are terrible moms. If your mom is terrible to you(neglect, abuse, etc) you don’t have to love her. But, apparently not “liking” that pic means it’s you who doesn’t have a heart.

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