Stung Flash-Fiction Contest Winners!

Fiona can’t remember going to sleep — and she has no idea how she got the strange tattoo on her arm. When she wakes up, five years later, she doesn’t find a handsome prince hovering over her, but her home and neighborhood completely abandoned. How will Fiona survive in this new, ruined world?

Inspired by Stung by Bethany Wiggins — a dystopian re-telling of Sleeping Beauty — we challenged you to a five-day flash-fiction contest. Figment editors read all the entries and sent our top ten favorites to Bethany for judging. We are now pleased to announce the winners!

Grand Prize

Congratulations, Spandana! You will receive copies of Stung and Shifting by Bethany Wiggins, along with Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen and Fracture by Megan Miranda.

Bethany says: I’m laughing at your title. Very tricky. Beautifully written piece! You have a talent with minimal words creating maximum interest. I feel like I am right there with your characters. You make the reader connect instantly with your Class-C heroine because we have sympathy for her. Cheap? Yeah — makes me want to find out more about her and keep reading (and makes me feel that Cinderella vibe). Very creative, very intriguing! Take this idea and write a whole book! You’ve obviously got talent to go far. Never take that talent for granted.

Day 1 Winner

Bethany says: Um . . . WOW WOW WOW! This is an incredible piece. You have a talent for using hardly any words, and yet making me want to know what happens next. Your descriptions are beautiful without being too long, your setting is solid, I just want to know how in the world that girl is leaving if holograms can’t leave! I love that this is from Prince Charming’s point of view, and yet he doesn’t seem to think he’s all that charming? Instant character connection. My advice to you is: never stop writing! Talent + discipline + drive = success, and my guess is you have all three.

Day 2 Winner

Bethany says: You’ve created sympathy for a robot! That’s awesome! If you can get your reader to feel sympathy for your character, you’ve created a good character. People like to read about characters they like. The creativity of this idea gives me chills. You’ve got a lot of talent. Never stop writing! Talent and hard work are what make dreams come true.

Day 3 Winner

Bethany says: This line here: “My pace ascends with the beating of my heart, but the fluttering of a sheet stops me dead.” is beautiful! It is poetic, while at the same time SHOWING us, the reader, that she is scared without you telling us: “I’m scared so I walk faster.” It took me a long time to learn how to show instead of tell — congrats at already understanding that. Your story had me wanting more!!! What happens? Where’s her father? What experiments are they doing on humans?! But mostly I want to know more about the beast. I think you should take this idea and run with it! Write it! It’s brilliant and you obviously have talent. Never stop writing!

Day 4 Winner

Bethany says: Way to set the scene! I felt like I was right there. You’ve done the most important thing a writer can do — made your reader eager to know what happens next. This is an awesome idea! You’re a fantastic writer! All it takes is talent, hard work, and more hard work to achieve any dream, so never stop writing!

Day 5 Winner

Bethany says: You have done a fantastic job of creating a dark, frantic, heart-pounding tone to your story. I also really like that the “candy” is not a literal thing, but a symbolic comparison to the candy house in Hansel and Gretel. I want to know what the metal smiles are! I would keep reading this.

Great job, guys! You will each receive a copy of Stung by Bethany Wiggins.

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