Join the mysterious Quizzinatis: Weekend Quiz Round-up!

It’s summer and you have all the time in the world. So what are you doing? Mowing the lawn? Sunning yourself at the beach? Perhaps joining a secret underground society? Well busy-bee, why don’t you take a break and try one or two of our secretive quizzes?

Which Secret Society Would You Belong To?

Do you spend your nights rubbing shoulders with the world’s elite
or watching TV on the couch?

Who’s Your Celebrity Patron Saint?

We all know there’s only one answer: Beyonce.

Which God or Goddess are You?

Do you enjoy throwing lightning bolts at hapless mortals?
Or would you rather just create devastating love triangles?

Which Greek Deity Should You Date?

How does a walk among the clouds sound? A dip in the ocean?
Or maybe you’d prefer a romantic dinner underground.

Lucille Bluth GIF from Very Bad ThingsĀ 

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