Out of This World Star Wars Fan-Fiction

There’s been an awful lot of Star Wars buzz around the web lately, what with J.J. Abrams directing the new Episode VII film. But at Figment, we have always been big fans of all things Skywalker-y, light saber-y, and droid-y. With a little help from The Force, we chose some of the best Star Wars fan-fiction we could find on Figment to share with you guys!

Check out our picks below, let us know which stories we missed, and tell us which fan-fiction round up you want to see next!

Best Ode to an Ewok

The Ewok and Me by Hannah Fletcher (Austria)

He was fuzzy and cute,/ When he walked up to me./I gave him some fruit,/ And he sat down by my tree./ I’d been here before,/ But I’d never seen him, therefore,/ I was quite surprised when he started to snore!


Best Obi-Wan/Anakin Bro-mance Moment

In time by Jasper♬

“But master, if we pursue him, this whole thing could be over,” the young Jedi argued. “Anakin, you must learn to be patient. If things turn out the way the Jedi council planned, and they will, then everything will fall into place.” “Don’t tell me you don’t feel this disturbance in the force,” Anakin argued back. “This isn’t going to work. We must attack now!” Obi-Wan’s head snapped up, glaring at Anakin whose chest was rising up and down furiously. “Learn to trust your feelings, not depend on them, Anakin. And you know attacking is not the Jedi way. We must wait for them to come to us. Patience, Anakin, it’s a vital skill you must accomplish.”

Sweetest Love Poem From Anakin to Padmay

A Boy’s Love by Hermione

I’ve known you ever since I was a child./ I’ve called you an angel,/ But you thought I was being cute./ As I grew older,/ You remain the same./ One day I became your protection,/ But the more I was protecting you,/ I fell deeply in love with you.

Most Intense War Narrative

Out of Darkness by S. E. Spradlin 龙思文

I wish I could say my life had been easy. That I had always followed a path of honor. A path that is worth the admiration I seemed to have gained throughout my service to the Rebellion. But it hasn’t. My story doesn’t begin with the celebration of a new life — or mourning the cruelty of death. It begins with war. A war that didn’t have sides. Didn’t have motivation. Didn’t have a purpose. A war that’s only intent was to satisfy the blood-hungry hearts of my people.

Most Worthy of the Status, “It’s Complicated”

Awake: Bastila’s Redemption by Laura Genn

Raw, unrefined words are clumsy things, uneven at the edges, crudely shaped, tasting strange on the tip of the tongue. But the Dark Lord forges them into weapons. I stand at Darth Revan’s side on the dais, my arms held stiffly at my sides, my eyes focused impassively on the gathering beneath us. Rows upon rows of identical imperial uniforms line the Rakatan beach, stark gray against the dying scarlet swath of the sunset, a colorless slash between sky and sea. Behind the officers, there are the soldiers. There is nothing to set one soldier apart from the next. The columns of Sith armor flash silver, the sharper edges gleaming a bloody red in the half-light.

9 thoughts on “Out of This World Star Wars Fan-Fiction

  1. Oh, and as far as suggestions for the next fanfiction selection…. hmmmmmm…. Pirates of the Caribbean? You know there’s got to be a lot of that out there…. xD Or even, My Little Pony. Just for the grins. Hmmm….. The Inheritence Cycle fanfiction? Or een Sherlock fanfiction? *will be back with more later*

    • Ooh, Sherlock fanfiction! I’m all for that. Granted, I’d love seeing my story picked, but still. XD Bet we’d see “Consort” by S.J. Bouquet if they do Sherlock fics, though. Excellent story, that is.

      • I haven’t read that one! But I’ll definitely have to check it out 🙂 LOL — that’s everyone’s hope I assure you 😀 I was so surprised when mine got picked for this one. There’s a TON of good SW fanfiction out there.

  2. Oh! How about the Avengers? Or… Hetalia! That’s manga, but lots of people like it… Oh! PERCY JACKSON! Definitely, I think you should do Percy Jackson and The Avengers. Those two…

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