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Dare You To by Katie McGarryRyan Stone doesn’t lose. He doesn’t get second place. He’s a winner, destined for the big leagues, until he meets Beth and falls head over heels in love. She’s a skater girl with piercings and a checkered past who has no place in his golden boy life. Ryan has always dreamed of the of playing Major League Baseball, but will he risk his future for the girl he loves?

Throughout Dare You To by Katie McGarry, Ryan constantly struggles with his place as a “jock” in his high school. He swears he’s more than a just an athlete, and we know a few other characters who can relate!

Check out our top jock picks, and vote for your favorite below. Did we miss someone? Let us know in the comments!

Percy Jackson and the OlympiansAnnabeth Chase

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Annabeth is a whole lot more than your average jock. She’s smart, strategic, and, oh yeah, a demigod. Her physical prowess is certainly impressive, but it’s the brains behind it that allow her to regularly defeat monsters.



Friday Night LightsMatt Saracen

Friday Night Lights

Football’s always been important to Matt, but it’s only a freak accident that makes Matt important to football. His time on the second string made him a little bit nicer and more empathetic than his starter buddies, and we love him so much more for it. He’s sensitive, athletic, and artistic to boot — so, it’s no real surprise when the coach’s daughter falls for him.



GleeSue Sylvester


The only way to out-jock a jock is to coach them. McKinley High has a top notch squad of Cheerios, led by the most intimidating and conniving sweat-suit wearer on television. Sure, Sue can be kind, and she does actually have feelings, but she’s the most fun when she’s fighting for her team.


Petra Arkanian

Ender’s Game

Petra is a no-nonsense, hard-working member of Ender’s “Jeesh.” She’s loyal and obedient to the point of sacrificing her happiness to support Ender in their missions, but it’s her skills in the zero-gravity war games in Battle School that give Petra her jock status.



Bee Vreeland

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Bee is clearly the most athletic of her friends, and her passion for soccer gets her through a lot of the tough breaks in her life. She’s the kind of jock who uses her sport to make herself better rather than just make herself seem better. And that’s something we can get behind.



Viktor Krum

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

This list wouldn’t be complete without the biggest hero of the most popular fictional sport in the world! Viktor Krum is sullen, quiet, and (we’re led to believe) not super bright. And while he many embody some typically jock-like qualities, he’s also incredibly loyal with a clear sense of right and wrong.



AwkwardMatty McKibben


A star on the football team who is ashamed of hooking up with a not-so-popular girl? Matty’s a jock all the way. Although he’s grown a lot over season two, we’re still pretty big Team Jake fans. Sorry, Matty.




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26 thoughts on “Vote Now! Our Favorite Jocks

  1. I’m actually surprised that Sue is so high in the polls – third place! I know she’s a terrible, horrible person in the show, but she’s the best part. I don’t actually watch it, but whenever I walk past and Sue is on, I stop for a moment to appreciate her incredible, terrible, monstrous personality.

  2. Percy Jackson and Harry Potter first two places?

    Called it. 😉

    I chose Annabeth! (Percabeth all the WAY baby!!)

    • YES. It was between Annabeth and Petra for me, but I knew everyone would vote for Annabeth, so I decided to give Petra some love. She definitely deserves it.

  3. Yeah, Annabeth is pretty awesome, but come on, guys. It’s Bee all the way. I’m naming my child after her.


    I was never that big of a Percy Jackson fan, so while Annabeth isn’t bad, I really prefer Petra. She’s awesome.

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