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2 thoughts on “Get Your Work Reviewed by William Morrow Editors!

  1. Title:This is what happen before I died

    His lips on mine where like fireworks going off and never ending.I looked into his ocean blue eyes.I slowly moved my eyes from his and looked at his pale lips.He slowly leaned in closeing the space between us.I closed my eyes as I felt his breath on my lips.His breath was warm and smelled minty.I could his lips on my.His tough touch my bottom lip wanting an entrance.I dienied.He sighed and put his hands on my waist.He moved his hands down slowly.I tried to break the kiss.He didn’t let me go,now he was just forcing the kiss.I was trying to screaming.He slapped me.I look into those ocean clue eyes i use to see safty,now all I see is….darkness.He pulled out a knife.I could feel my eyes watering.I stumbled backwards.I fell on the floor with warm tears coming down.”Aww sweetheart..What the matter?”he smiled

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