How to Prevent Summer Brain Melt

It’s easy to let your brain get a little soft over the summer, so it is important to take preventative measures. You could do daily Sodoku or crossword puzzles, but those will only get you so far. The following tips will help sharpen your mind when it starts to liquify like ice cream on the asphalt.

Brain Workout

Free WeightsImagine your brain doing jumping jacks/sit-ups/lifting weights, et cetera. Your brain picturing your brain exercising is the mental equivalent of working out, right? Right. Cognitive science, everybody!

Heavy Reading

DictionaryRead the dictionary. Because light summer reads are for mushy-brained weasels. And you are not a weasel.

 Accio Latin!

Stack of Harry PotterIf you don’t already know the language, learn Latin. Once you’re fluent, translate all seven Harry Potter books. The spells are basically already in Latin, so JK Rowling did some of your work for you. When you’ve completed the task at hand, read all seven books to double-check your work.

Feed Your Brain

Ginko LeavesTake ginkgo biloba vitamins daily. It’s increases cognitive function! But if you want to fortify your brain, crush ginkgo biloba supplements into a paste and apply it to your skin like a lotion. That way, the ginkgo powers are absorbed into your entire body (I’m not a doctor, but I’m fairly certain that’s what would happen). Warning! Possible side effects include: headache, dizziness, heart palpitations, nausea, gas, vicious number twos…AND A SUPER BRAIN!

Do Some Casual Scientific Research

TeaCure the common cold. Retreat to your laboratory (bedroom) and investigate the history of the ailment. Research prior cure attempts. Then, start experimenting. (Note: Chamomile tea mixed into chicken noodle soup doesn’t work. I’ll save you the trouble.) Don’t try out your concoctions on animals; build a “human with a cold” simulator for testing.

Nova > The Bachelor

Earth from the MoonIn place of every reality show you want fry your mind with, watch episodes of Nova. Not saying Nova isn’t fascinating, it’s just a little…dry. It’ll start to feel like substitute science teacher day every day, ya know? As good for you as this series is, you’ll still be sitting in front of the television, so your brain will remain vulnerable. To combat this, write in-depth reports after every episode.

Keep a Cool Head

HelmetMake a helmet mold and fill it with water and freeze it. Then, when your brain is feeling especially melty, pop on the ice helmet. The helmet will thaw, so wear waterproof makeup. And a rain poncho.Your head will be uncomfortably cold, but your mind will be stronger than ever.

Images: Popsicle: Kathy Mackey; Dictionary: Victor Korniyenko; Stack of Harry Potter: Ran Yaniv Hartstein; Ginko Leaves: Svein Harkestad; Tea: cyclonebill; Helmet: H G

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  1. Strangely, one of my friends actually did try to learn Latin by translating Harry Potter books. I think she only got about 1 chapter though. 🙂

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