Recap: New Adult Chat

Last night, we had the honor of chatting with William Morrow editors Tessa Woodward and Amanda Bergeron, along with authors Molly McAdams (Stealing Harper) and Lisa Desrochers (Personal Demons, upcoming New Adult novel, A Little Too Far). They shared the ins and outs of the growing genre of New Adult. And? Tessa and Amanda talked about what they look for in new manuscripts and submissions.

If you think you might want to write a New Adult novel (or if you already have), it was a mustn’t-miss. Check out highlights below, or catch the whole chat transcript here.

On the origins of New Adult:

On New Adult’s readership:

On the differences between YA and New Adult:

On whether or not New Adult needs romance:

On what Amanda and Tessa are looking for in New Adult submissions:

A big thanks to our four panelists! Make sure to check out the full recap here.

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