You Look Different in Real Life Twitter Contest

jennifer castleBeing a reality star is harder than it looks. Just ask Justine from Jennifer Castle’s You Look Different in Real Life. She stars in a documentary series that follows her and four other 16-year-olds through their daily lives, and she’s not so sure she can live up to her role anymore.

Inspired by You Look Different in Real Life, we’ll be tweeting out facts about reality stars on Thursday afternoon. If you retweet them, you’ll be entered for a chance to win one of five copies of You Look Different in Real Life by Jennifer Castle!

How to Enter:

1. Follow us on Twitter!

2. On Thursday, June 13 from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. ET, we’ll be tweeting out facts about reality stars. These facts will be tagged #win. Follow @figment on Twitter and retweet any of the tagged facts for a chance to win.

For every fact you retweet, you’ll be entered, so retweet every fact to increase your chances! Only retweets made by hitting the “retweet” button will be counted; sending a normal tweet (even if it has “RT” in it) will not.

Winners will be announced at the live chat and contacted by Direct Message on Twitter. You must be following @Figment in order to be eligible to win.

Follow us on Twitter here and read the full guidelines here!

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