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This is Not a Writing Manual by Kerri MajorTuesday’s Daily Theme (June 11) was from Kerri Majors, author of This Is Not a Writing Manual: Notes for the Young Writer in the Real World, out July 9 from Writer’s Digest. This Is Not a Writing Manual is a memoir with advice about writing and the writing life! You can read more from This Is Not a Writing Manual right now on Figment!

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Play With Your Words

It’s so important for writers not to get stuck in a rut, or to take themselves too seriously; those are both paths to writer’s block and despair. So, today, mix it up a bit.

Take two or three pages from whatever you’ve been working on lately, and re-write those pages in a different genre. If you’ve been writing a prose novel, try putting the scenes into verse; if you’ve been writing a memoir, pull out the friend you’ve been writing about, and write from her perspective.

Here are some other genres and categories you might want to play with: sci fi (put that scene on a spaceship and see what happens!), mystery, YA, songwriting, cookbookery, historical fiction, or screenwriting.

If you cannot bear to mess with your current project, at least try some free-writing
in another genre before you get back to that short story/novel/play. I’ve been doing
a short Twitter poem every weekday for a month (#TINAWMDaily), and have found them to be incredibly liberating.

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