Daily Theme from This Is Not a Writing Manual–Empathy

This is Not a Writing Manual by Kerri MajorWednesday’s Daily Theme (June 12) was from Kerri Majors, author of This Is Not a Writing Manual: Notes for the Young Writer in the Real World, out July 9 from Writer’s Digest. This Is Not a Writing Manual is a memoir with advice about writing and the writing life! You can read more from This Is Not a Writing Manual right now on Figment!

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A writer must learn empathy, that ability to fully understand the emotional life of others. Yes, even those we find depressing, boring, or plain old annoying. It’s that understanding of others that helps us shape compelling, three-dimensional characters.

Take a peek at the News Feed of someone you once hid on Facebook, or unfollowed on Twitter, and select a particularly grating recent post (Maybe: “Off to Zimbabwe then Paris! Pictures to follow! Send me a postcard from wherever you are!”), then write at least 500 words in the voice of that person about that post, in a way that helps you better understand him/her without anger, annoyance, or judgment.

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