What Was in Detective Wilden’s Trunk?!

Pretty Little Liars season 3 left us with approximately 7 trillion questions. (Check out our recap if you need a refresher.) The one answer we were promised?  Who or what was in Detective Wilden’s trunk. PLL season 3 concluded with the Liars and Mona opening up the sketchy cop’s trunk and gasping at what they saw.

Missed Tuesday night’s PLL season premiere, but want to know what it was? Keep reading.

Was it Mike Montgomery, alive and taking a nap? I’ve wondered where that guy went. He up and disappeared during season 3. Maybe the stress of the Montgomery home was too much, so he’s been trunk-hopping.

Was it a pair of ballet flats with the following demanding note: “HANNA. WEAR THESE OR YOUR MOM WILL BE FORCED ON THE ‘A’ TEAM. KISSES, A”? We all know Hanna cannot handle sporting anything but sky-high heels. This would be very cruel of “A”/Red Coat.

Was it Malcolm’s prized train set? Did “A”/Red Coat decide to torture Malcolm by taking his favorite toy? The Liars (and Mona, because Mona knows everything) understand how important trains are to little Malcolm, so their horror would be appropriate.

Was it stacked to the brim with copies of To Kill a Mockingbird? Did “A”/Red Coat break into Rosewood High School for the bazillionth time and take their entire stock of one of the only books included in the school’s English curriculum?

Pretty Little Liars

Was it a mirror? Did the Liars and Mona gasp simply because their reflections startled them?

Was it bottles of TRESemme hair products, moved from CeCe’s boutique? Were her prized TRESemme display cases ransacked for an “A”/Red Coat prank?

Was it Aria’s entire dining utensil/excavation tool/navigational equipment jewelry collection? Will Aria have to replace all of her pickaxe earrings?

Was it a photograph of Noel Kahn? I know I’d gasp in horror if I saw his menacing face unexpectedly. Gotta prepare yourself to encounter that creep.

Was it Adam Lambert popping out of the trunk to surprise the Liars and Mona with another concert? Were their gasps out of delighted surprise?

Was it Lucas’ skateboard? Did Lucas try to quit skateboarding after being nearly run over by an SUV? Did he stuff the skateboard into the trunk hoping that he’d never see it again? Did “A”/Red Coat have zero involvement with this scene?

Olivia or Veronica?!?!?

Was it a bunch of unclear photographs of Veronica Hastings and Mariska Hargitay with the following instructions: “CORRECTLY LABEL THE PHOTOS AS ‘MRS. HASTINGS’ OR ‘DETECTIVE BENSON’ IF ANY OF YOU EVER WANT ANOTHER CUP OF COFFEE. I’LL CHECK YOUR WORK LATER. KISSES, A”?

Was it full of the beaded friendship bracelets Alison made with the names of every character that has ever been on the show? Even a bracelet for Seth?!  Whoops…you worked so hard to forget about the scary child that was Seth, huh?

Was it Toby’s jailhouse do-rag? I know I screamed and gasped and started hiccuping when the do-rag made its debut in a flashback.

Okay. This is my wager. Toby’s do-rag.



A dead pig. Okay…? I mean, gross. But why, “A”/Red Coat? Why? What does this have to do with anyth– OH WHOA. Detective Wilden was found dead. Get it? “Dead pig”=”dead cop.” Yikes, “A”/Red Coat. Yikes. Really wish it had been the do-rag.

One more time. For good measure.

Image/GIF sources (top to bottom): ABC Family, elementofcrime, pllgifs, theimpulsivebuy, hannamar-in, loridstone, prettylittlegossipgleek.



2 thoughts on “What Was in Detective Wilden’s Trunk?!

  1. I think it might have had something to do with… Paige. You see, she was called Pg-skin, and in that trunk, we found a dead pig…

  2. Hehehe I love these! Your dramaticness always makes me laugh even though I’ve never even seen Pretty Little Liars! SPOILER ALERT! But I don’t really care anyway, Switched at Birth is more of my cup of tea if I do say so myself XD

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