Links You’ll Like: June 21

Matt SmithMatt Smith says a heart-felt thank you to Doctor Who fans. We’re not crying . . . ¬†there’s just, you know, something in our eyes . . . like a branch.

While we’re feeling sentimental, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was released 10 years ago this week! Ah, memories.

Excited to see Monsters University? Refresh your Pixar movie memory with these handy infographics.

Watch Neil Gaiman talk about his new book, The Ocean at the End of the Lane!

What’s better than a domino chain? A BOOK domino chain! For real guys, watch this video.

Here are some super geeky restaurants you’ll be dying to eat at. Seriously, the Grillenium Falcon? What more could you ask for?

Breaking news: This cat is in a fishbowl.

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