The Loop Weekend Flash-Fiction Contest Winners!

The Loop by Shandy LawsonBen and Maggie are stuck in a time loop in which they meet, fall in love, and die. Each time they start over, they remember a little bit more and get a little closer to escaping but fate always catches them in the end. Will they be able to change their destiny? Or will they be stranded in a loop forever?

Inspired by Shandy Lawson’s debut novel, The Loop, we challenged you to write a scene in which your character is trying to escape a villain. You wrote chilling entries and we are now excited to announce the winners!

Check out the winning entries below and be sure to congratulate your fellow Figs.







Congrats, everyone! You will each receive a copy of The Loop by Shandy Lawson and your winning stories will be featured on the Figment homepage on Monday, June 24.


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