Mysterious Sherlock Fan-Fiction

Sherlock Benedict CumberbatchIf there’s one show that knows how to cause us all the feels – from gushy hopes of romance to crippling depression that makes us unable to function for weeks — it’s Sherlock. Now that we’re (mostly) over the Reichenbach Fall, we thought it’d be fun to look at some of the most awesome Sherlock Fan Fiction you Figgies have to offer!

Check out our picks below, let us know which stories we missed, and tell us which fan-fiction round up you want to see next!

Broodiest Portrayal of Sherlock

Withdrawal by Miranda H.

Sherlock sat on the couch, legs tucked neatly underneath him. His hands were clasped together apart from his two index fingers which rested contemplatively against his lips. The gray eyes, which so often pierced the core of mysteries, were closed. Sherlock was the picture of calm.

Sweetest Poem from Sherlock to John

Not My Date by Rachel Jones

I don’t have friends./ I just have the one./ Even with my life,/ I’d trust John.

Best Harry Potter/Sherlock Crossover:

John Watson – The Beginning by Benjamin Uddin

In the year 2006 I received my invitation as a student to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, this had come as a rather great surprise to my family and of course to myself. I was born into a rather well respected family of pursuers of medical aid; I had originally planned myself to attend at The University of London where I would study to become a doctor of medicine, much like my father, I would help people in the army with my skills just as my father had done, I would create a proper name for myself. I had recently started at scouts in order to build character and develop useful life skills as my father had said. My father as you can probably deduce is my role model and my hero.

Most Likely to Keep You on the (L)edge of Your Seat:

The Purple Smudge by Jenni

Sherlock stared at the ceiling, his hands pressed together under his chin. His eyes were glazed, shining dimly in the light of the lamp. The flat was empty. John had gone out to get milk. Or to get a new date. Sherlock wasn’t sure. He hadn’t been listening. He had been waiting, waiting patiently for him to leave. And now his waiting had paid off. Numbness spread over his mind, a blanket over his thoughts, warming them and slowing them to an almost normal rate. It was nice. He never really could relax – why would he want to? It was so boring – but in this state, at least he could pretend.


Coolest Sherlock Gender Swap

A Case of Hypnosis by ComicalCrafty

It was during my time at the prestigious Edgar and Ella Brompton Academy for Young Ladies that Holmes and I were first acquainted. I’d recently been appointed as the school’s head physician, as the previous fellow had decided not long before to further his medical career elsewhere. Having returned from the battlefield in India with a bullet firmly lodged in my leg, I accepted the position, considering that it would be less taxing on my injuries than that of an army doctor.

11 thoughts on “Mysterious Sherlock Fan-Fiction

  1. Oh my gosh! Thank you so, so, so much for the nomination! I am so honored! (Hears cicadas.) Oh, this isn’t the Academy Awards? Wait — this is even better!

    • They’ve already done Star Wars. Here are the links:

      Suggestions for the next ones: Avatar the Last Airbender (and A:TLOK), My Little Pony (maybe? I know there’s some stuff out there xD And the bronies would be excited), Ranger’s Apprentice fanfiction (there’s a new book coming out soon, so a good way to stoke up the fanbase again :D), Les Mis… that’s all I can think up at the moment xD

  2. Yay! Nice job Allison! I feel happy too because I drew the characters ^^
    And on the “Ledge” of your seat? YOU MOCK MY PAIN!!!! DX

  3. Who ever said we were even mostly over Reichenbach Fall?! I can’t even go near tall buildings or hospitals without crying my eyes out!

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